And the winner is … there are three – so Happy Christmas to all of them and my readers worldwide. All of the competition winners have now received the signed copy of my book.

The winner is … Carol –

The winner is … John –

John from snowy North Dakota

The winner is … Tony –

All three were winners of a signed copy of a paperback of my book Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story and in addition will shortly receive an Amazon gift voucher to the value of $50.

They have all supported me in my efforts and helped enormously by participating fully in all my pre-publication promotions including the three competitions I ran. I value that and am most grateful to them and all the others who have followed and supported me.

Those others include reader fans from far and wide. Not all are family, indeed only one has sent me a photo of the two copies he bought. Bob is my cousin and now enjoying his retirement in Georgia, USA.


Yet another fan, Debbie, lives in the UK and got in touch with me through my author Facebook page. She has said some very kind words about my book so it seemed only right to send her a signed copy.


Then we have my Facebook friend Kristine who is a teacher and bookworm from the Philippines –

Kristine … why didn’t my teachers look like that?

Another now Facebook friend is Kevin. He lives in the part of Wales where I operated undercover and knows many of the characters I wrote about including Smiles, Buzz and Jeff. This is Kevin with his curious cat –


I really want to thank each and every one of you for the incredible support and love shown to me. There are so many more people I could mention but you all know who you are.

And I do apologize for not sending out more signed copies to all of my fans. I have to tell you that the procedure and the cost of dong that is horrific!

First, I have to place my order and have them shipped to the LBC Shipping Cart warehouse in California after the paperbacks are printed in the USA.

Then I ship them to the Philippines via LBC Shipping Cart. So far so good. But the cost of shipping to the USA and Europe using ordinary air mail is costly!

I signed them and took all six signed copies to the local Philippines Post office. The lady said, “$20 please.” Actually she told me the equivalent in Philippines Pesos. I replied, “Oh good, that’s for all right?”

“No sir, that’s for each one!!”

Lesson learned 🙂

PS thank you to Zabrina for all the promo shots and the graphics for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

PPS You all know by now about the James Bulger Memorial Trust, the charity I support and donate a portion of my royalties to.

Some of you have also made an individual donation through my Just Giving page. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you want to know how to make a donation no matter how small, click on the link below:

Just Giving

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