You may win but only if you enter! I am running a competition to promote my new book and you are welcome to enter.

How do you enter? Subscribe to the Publications Updates mailing list that you can see on visiting this website. That’s all you have to do as a first step. Then please check the rules below.

Once you subscribe you will receive an email enabling you to download my FREE eBook as a thank you! The eBook is called What It Is Really Like To Be An Undercover Cop.


When “Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover” is published  in 2016, one Subscriber to either my blog’s Weekly Newsletter or this site’s Publications Update list will win a FREE copy of my book and a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher.

The lucky winner  will have to answer a question in order to win. It is a test of whether any of you actually read my blog. My header photo on my blog site shows a library. It reminds me of three things that have played a big part in my life. Books, university and the law.



All  subscribers to my Newsletter or this site’s list have a chance to win a signed copy of my forthcoming book and a $50 Amazon voucher – These are the rules of the competition –

  1. You must be a subscriber to my Newsletter or this site’s list and remain subscribed at publication date.
  2. Closer to publication date, I will publish 3 questions about my blog. You need to answer all 3 questions correctly in order to have a chance of winning.
  3. You will be asked to submit, in no more than 20 words, what qualities it takes to be an undercover detective.
  4. In the event that more than one entrant has all 3 correct answers then I will choose one winner based on the originality of the submission at 3. above.

In addition to the above competition, I have decided to also give away a further FREE signed copy of my book. The recipient of that FREE copy will be judged by me as the best and most original answer  published on my blog in response to my question in the blog post –  

“As an undercover cop what would you do given the following situation? “

If you follow this link to my blog it will take you to that post and give you a second chance to enter and win!

The competition rules are set out in full over on my blog.

Good Luck!

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