Before I answer my own question ‘why this indie author is an ALLi member,’ some of you may not know what ALLi stands for and what it does.

ALLi is the Alliance of Independent Authors. The long list of benefits are way too numerous to cover in this post. But as a starter, I’ll let Orna Ross do the intro:

“The members who benefit most from ALLi are those who make full use of the range of  services we have on offer, from our active community to our selection of discounts and deals.

We aim to create an inclusive environment where you can find support you can trust that meets your individual needs.

Go ahead and dive in!”

Orna – ALLi Founder and Director

There are many things I like about ALLi, not least of which is the ability to use their discount codes. For example, within hours of renewing my subscription I had almost recovered the cost by using the ALLi Ingram Spark code to upload new files to three of my titles. That saved me $75!

I also believe in their code of ethics and their campaigning on behalf of indie authors. Did you know as a member you can download free books from the member website? You can, and they include a book on how to get your self-published book into bookstores.

ALLi’s John Doppler runs the Watchdog side of the organisation. Watchdog, as its name implies, publishes warnings about shady people and organisations in the publishing industry. There are many of those.

There’s a free blog too to keep you abreast of all the industry news and a friendly, dedicated member-only, Facebook group to seek advice on any self-publishing issues.

I’m a fan and that’s why I urge you to check out the membership benefits if you are not a member.

Click the banner below to find out why I’m a member. [Disclosure: I’m not only a fan but also an affiliate of ALLi]


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