Whispersync? You may well ask. I had not got a clue about it until recently and what a brilliant feature it is.

What is Whispersync

Whispersync is Amazon’s technology that lets readers switch “back and forth between a Kindle book and Audible professional narration – without ever losing your place.” The way it works is that you first buy the Kindle book, and then for Whispersync enabled books you can add the Audibile audiobook to the purchase.

That is the brilliant bit (the part in bold above).

For example one of my books is priced at £5.99 for the UK Kindle version  and $8.12 on Amazon US but wait …

You can add Audible narration for only £3.47 or a few extra dollars. Wow! I think that is a great deal. Just think about it. Those times when the eyes are tired and it becomes difficult to concentrate on reading or lazing on the beach.

It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true: even if you have no intention of reading the ebook, sometimes buying the Kindle book plus the audio saves you serious money. – Modernmrsdarcy.com

I think that has to be right. My audiobook is just under $20 to purchase or you can listen to it as an Audible subscriber for $14.95 per month with a subscription.

It makes sense to buy the Kindle version and for a few extra dollars you have the audiobook version as well for keeps.

As Modernmrsdarcy,com also explains…

I love audiobooks, and Audible is my favorite way to listen to them.

I’ve finally figured out how to use a great service that makes it even easier—and cheaper—to listen to audiobooks with Audible. I’m kicking myself for not figuring it out sooner (it’s been around for a couple of years), so I wanted to make amends by filling you in as soon as possible. It’s called Whispersync for Voice, and it allows you to switch back and forth between reading the Kindle book and listening to the audio version without losing your place.

Gotta go! I’m off to try it out so I can laze on the beach this weekend.

Come and join me… buy the Kindle I mean 🙂 Don’t forget to add the Audible version before you check out!


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