Operation Julie – The Inside Story

Undercover is the title of my most exciting book project to date. It has been in my head for so many years but I never got around to writing it until recently.

The subtitle, Operation Julie – The Inside Story, is there to let people know who are familiar with the story of Operation Julie that it is about the investigation that cracked wide open possibly the largest drugs gang that has ever existed.


Operation Julie is synonymous with LSD and the acid manufacturing in London and Wales back in the 1970s. My memoir book cover shows a line of cocaine on a glass table. Why? There are two reasons. One, although Operation Julie and LSD are inseparable, no one is aware that in my undercover role I, with my undercover sidekick,  unearthed a plot to import massive quantities of cocaine into Britain. My book reveals full details of that plot and my exposure in an undercover role that led me to using cocaine.

It is a memoir but it reads like a crime story. It gives the reader a unique insight into the workings of the mind of an undercover cop. This is not TV or movie fantasy. It is a true story and happened to me.

You may ask why it has taken me so long to set my undercover story down in writing. The answer to that is complex. I was for a number of years somewhat bitter in the aftermath of Operation Julie. I was badly treated by the police force in that I resigned when I was suffering from a nervous breakdown brought on by the stresses, drug and alcohol abuse of my undercover work.

There are psychological issues involved in working undercover. By definition you are guilty of duplicity when donning the guise of another person. You are living a lie. My lie was eventually revealed to Smiles who was one of the top echelon distributors of drugs in the Operation Julie network. I chose to meet him after the final arrests. I liked the guy. It felt like grassing on a brother.

A further reason for the delay was I was not confident enough to actually write the book. I started on it two or three times only to abandon it after the first chapter. I was also a busy guy with a full time job back then.

Nowadays I am retired but still busy as a writer. I write about many other things in addition to my memoir.

Working as an undercover detective is the most memorable thing I have done in my life. Please bear with me while I polish and edit the manuscript. I want it to be perfect and I want you all to enjoy the book.

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