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A Prequel to the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thrillers

What is the secret capable of destroying a glorious achievement and a source of national pride?

A secret so enormous it could not be told for many years, until now.

British undercover cop Steve Regan experiences a baptism of fire when he investigates ‘THE SECRET.’

New and old Steve Regan fans can now discover him at the beginning of his crime-busting career in this gripping thriller.

What Readers Say

Goodreads Reviews

Really enjoyed learning about Steve Regan and how he came about to working undercover in this prequel book. Didn’t want the book to end but like all good things it had to. They think it’s all over it is now with a 5 star review that is more than deserved.


The Secret gives the account of how Steve Regan became an undercover cop. When Steve became a police officer and then a detective, at a young age, his world was torn apart. When his wife and baby daughter were killed he took leave from work. When he comes back to work it is as an undercover cop. Stephen Bentley does an excellent job of explaining how a detective becomes an undercover cop and the things that they go through. This book helps explain some of the things that happen in the Steve Regan Trilogy. The Secret is a must read for anyone whom loves a good thriller.

Sara Jo Montgomery

Brilliant prequel into Steve Regans early days as a cop and what leads him into the undercover business. If you haven’t discovered this brilliant series then the time is now, you won’t be disappointed. Live through the trials and tribulations of Steves life and career. Cant help but become invested where Steve Regan is concerned.
Written by Stephen Bentley, real life undercover cop, knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the business.