I recently wrote about the UK Undercover Policing Inquiry on my blog at Expat in Bacolod.

It is to be a far-reaching inquiry into all aspects of undercover policing in Britain. I doubt whether much good will come out of it. But, let’s wait and see.

The plan is still to self-publish my book this year, 2016. I say ‘plan’ as I have written to a number of literary agents to see if they are interested in the book.

One of them bothered to reply. And, he did so almost immediately! I was impressed. However, he declined to represent me citing that at 60,000 words the book was too short. It needed to be 80,000. Okay, I will just ‘pad it out.’ No way! I will not insult you the reader by doing that.

He also cited that it was ‘historical.’ Yet, he represents an ex-police officer author who wrote about historical events. The subject matter of my book – undercover policing – will soon be plastered all over the newspapers in the UK.

The Pitchford Inquiry into undercover policing in Britain has yet to gather steam. When it does, it will provide column inches of copy for the newspapers.

Maybe then the agent will realize his mistake in declining my book.

In the meantime you can read a sampler of the book by clicking on that link. I do hope that after it is published you will prove that agent wrong and buy the book in droves.

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