There was no plan in my mind when I wrote Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story to write any other books never mind crime fiction. However, it was the true crime memoir inspiration behind the Steve Regan Undercover Cop character and the books in that series that followed.

The real encouragement for me to carry on writing was initially the glut of really kind reviews on Amazon for my memoir. They were overwhelmingly 4 and 5 Star reviews and still are.

Over all Amazon marketplaces they now total 120  with an average 4.5  Star rating. Source:

true crime memoir inspiration behind the Steve Regan Undercover Cop character

I took the plunge and wrote the first Steve Regan book – Who The F*ck Am I? It was after I received this glowing review I became really committed to the craft of writing.

I knew when I read the author’s first book Undercover: Operation Julie although non-fiction that he could make the transition to writing fiction; I was right. He has an ease of language that lends itself to storytelling; he tells it as if he was there in the plot and why shouldn’t he having been an undercover cop in the real world? Not that Steve Reagan is meant to be him, but having the experience means he can do whatever he wants with his fictional characters and they will always be believable. Wasn’t too sure about the title until I began to read it and hope it doesn’t put people off from reading this book. Thrown into an undercover world where the Legend (who you are meant to be) is created for you it’s only a matter of time before the one starts to interfere with the other and you ask that question.

There aren’t many crime authors who could write a scene where a big gangland mobster puts a hand to your head as if it were a gun and simulates a close contact assassination that is frighteningly real except someone who has been there and done that!

The book is three dimensional, it’s not merely a descriptive adventure into the shady world of the criminal, it’s multi-layered and analytical which is often missing from other crime author’s work. I was extremely impressed by the prose. His characterisation verges on exceptional as is their interaction with each other. Stephen Bentley is a real contender in the world of crime writing, I hope he sticks at it. I think he has a real gift and insight into the criminal mind which I would love him to explore. Pat McDonald British Crime author.


That simply blew my socks off! And from a crime author too. I was off and running.

You may wish to ask what kind of character is Steve Regan. By the way it’s Raygun not Reegan 🙂 Perhaps another review extract best answers that question:

I won’t give anything away, just that Steve Regan or whatever his name is, is a good cops cop.

Or, maybe?

Stephen Bentley brings to life a kick arse undercover cop in his realistic crime thriller series Steve Regan Undercover Cop.

I do quite like the kick-arse or kickass bit 🙂

As one of the above reviewers said, “Steve Regan is not me.” Or words to that effect and that’s true. However, this review excerpt of my true crime memoir may make you think:

Steve I really hope you get the justice you deserve one day and I only have one question. Who the **** are you?
Brilliant read and a big fat five star’s 😁

You will just have to read Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story to find out what the reviewer meant.

The first book trailer below is for my true crime memoir. It introduces Steve Regan at the end. The following trailer features all three books in the Steve Regan series and The Steve Regan Undercover Cop Complete Collection (all three books bundled).

Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story is available in Kindle, paperback and as an audiobook on Amazon.

The individual books and the collection in the Steve Regan series are available at Amazon and other bookstores in eBook and paperback formats. Who The F*ck Am I? is ls available as an audiobook.

You may find them all at Books2Read.




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