Sometimes in life, it’s time to do some good.

Imagine the feeling where you reach out to a stranger and give them a helping hand. You can do that in so many ways. I did recently when I pledged $10 to a Kickstarter project.

It first came to my notice through Justin Bauer, he’s one of the contributing authors to Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories.

These are his friends and this is their story.

Just what Immerser will be is simple: something unique. We are planning to do things that nobody else in the literary world has attempted to do. On top of having a select assortment of incredible and refreshingly original novels for readers to consume (in all formats, of course), we’re going to hold a participatory series called Crazy Monthly Stories—where anyone can choose to submit a short story for the chance to win an Amazon gift card and bragging rights for whatever month they take as champ. At the end of each year, we will reel in the winners of each respective month—twelve, to be specific—and then have everybody vote for the ultimate winner of the year’s Crazy Monthly series. We’ll also publish the year’s twelve stories in one collection.

Our whole goal is to bring readers and writers together…in a wondrous way that hasn’t been done before. And when it comes to surprising our supporters (and haters), there will always be more. Much more.

Watch the video below. Go to Immerser’s campaign on Kickstarter. Be generous (if you can). Pledge something (like me).

Go on! You know it will make you feel good.

PS other than knowing Justin Bauer, I have no connection to Immerser or the people behind it. 

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