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This guide shows indie authors how and where to get more book reviews.

  • Book Review Websites that actually produce reviews
  • A curated list of hundreds of the best book review sites on the web
  • A factual explanation of Amazon’s TOS
  • The essential do’s and don’ts of getting legitimate book reviews

Essential reading for all indie authors.

Here is the link 

indie author's guide to book reviews

I decided to write this guide for several reasons. One, it’s so hard to find updated, factual, no BS info in one place on the web on this important topic. Two, I got fed up of reading fallacies and downright untruths about Amazon and its Customer Review policies with regards to book reviews. Three, I support all fellow indie authors who, like me, write the best books they can, and act with integrity.

I have no time for those who cheat or game the system. Amazon is a friend to indies. It’s the cheaters who ruin that platform for the genuine folks. As is always the case, it’s the minority of cheaters who force Amazon to delete reviews even if some innocents end up as casualties.

Don’t blame algorithms or non-existent Facebook “spies” if you have reviews deleted. Blame the cheaters, the review swappers, the lazy and stupid who use dirty links to identify themselves and their friends to Amazon.

Yes, I have had genuine reviews deleted, but with an email to Jeff Bezos, that wrong has always been righted.

My guide will not only act as a valuable resource with hundreds of current book review sites, reviewers, and book bloggers, it also gives the essential ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the art of seeking book reviews,

This is a sample below:


The first thing I need to say is I have no financial connection to any of the websites I list below. I list them based on one single criteria: will it help you to get more book reviews? If it’s listed, the answer is yes!

What follows is my independent advice freely given to help you, my fellow indie author.

I haven’t counted but there must be several hundred websites in lists I have curated from the web. They all contain details of book reviewers, book review websites, and book review bloggers.

Go use those lists! Knock yourselves out! Find those voracious readers!

I would also add this: email list building is an essential part of book promotion and a massive tool to help gain more book reviews.

All that is outside of the scope of this guide but I know someone who can help.

Gisela Hausmann is the author of the ‘no-fluff’ series of books. She tells it as it is.

Her books may be found on her Amazon page and they cover emails, book marketing and other helpful topics for indie authors.

You may ask who I am.

I’m a self-published author with 10 books to my name and more in the pipeline.

I’m a former UK Detective Sergeant and barrister (trial attorney). My memoir Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story has been an Amazon bestseller no less than on 6 occasions and is now adapted for a feature film.

If you find this guide has been a help to you in gaining more book reviews then I ask just one thing: Check out my Amazon page and consider buying and reviewing one of my books – please 😊

After all, we all love verified reviews!

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