I guess you have to be an author to fully understand the thrill of a first review. No sooner had my latest book been published on Amazon, there it was! Oh! The thrill of a first review.

It’s your baby. You created it, nurtured, and brought it through to maturity. Mature enough to share with others – those readers and reviewers who can make or break you and our book.

I can’t dally any longer. Here it is and I am thrilled.

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Claire Doyle
4.0 out of 5 starsThe Luck Of The Irish
11 July 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
“Lucky’s Bar but it isn’t going to be so lucky for you …”

Regan is undercover and waiting in Lucky’s Bar on the edge of the red light district in Patong,Thailand. He has been waiting for four months for a drugs deal with $50,000 in his bag.

“Regan likened the waiting to fishing. You threw out the bait and hoped for the big one.”

A Thai enters and puts a gun to his head. He was sent by an American called Watkins. But who is Watkins?

This story uncovers Russian gun smuggling, drugs, mafia, people trafficking, women held in metal containers, nerve agents, gruesome killings. Regan ends up in the slammer, or ‘monkey house’ with the men and ‘ladyboys’ and, but for the woman who has fallen for him, there he would have stayed. This is a man’s read but lucky for Regan, he has the right woman in tow.

Sabai Sabai means no dramas, no dilemmas in Thai. This novella is packed with drama and one big dilemma for Regan. But ‘Lucky’ is clearly his middle name.

If you like your stories hard-boiled, then this is one for you.

I received an advance copy for review.

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