It’s coming very soon – the perfect Halloween audiobook. Death Among Us, of course!

‘DEATH AMONG US’ coming in November (or sooner)

Now Released – See Details Here

Just in time for Halloween. The murder anthology that’s to die for.
And featuring two of your favorite narrators: Kendra M. and Ralph S.

perfect Halloween audiobook
Click here to listen to the retail sample. The narration is excellent and performed by two true professionals Kendra Murray and Ralph Scott.

The book is also available in the Kindle store and as a paperback.

This is why you should be scared:

Murder Most Foul – I’m a mystery/suspense fan so these stories hit all the right notes for me. The collection is varied with several authors contributing multiple tales to the collection. Read one or two at a time or gobble several back to back. The authors are great at transporting you into twisted worlds of murder most foul. You’re bound to find your personal favorites, but there are several that really stood out for me.


I love a good short story. And they are not easy to write – they require talent and the discipline of limitation that some of us find personally impossible to achieve. But I know it when I read it – and these ten authors all have it in spades. Each of these stories is a lesson in making every word important, every word count. I am pleased to recommend this collection to friends and family. This is a book I will want to read, again. These are stores succinctly told, little jewels of murder and mystery. I know you will love them.


Buy this book, it’s amazing!


All of the stories were strong, none left me bored or confused. It’s a vibrant collection of twisty horrors, delicious death plots, and witty dialog among killers, cops, and victims. There are even a few lines of paranormal / fantasy / science-fiction being crossed, enough to make us afraid to enter a dark room in the future. Between those chills, and the crazy over-arching theme of what happens to both good and bad children in this book, it’s a prime candidate for anyone who wants to be frightened or read about something over-the-top devilish and evil.



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