Well folks, never say I don’t listen. The Steve Regan Undercover Cop series has undergone a face-lift. All three covers in the series have been redesigned.

In truth, I had already set about this task before I was stung into real action by a comment made about one of my covers in a Facebook group. It was something like, “No matter how good a book it is. I would run away from a cover like that.”

This was the cover in question:

After going ‘Ouch!’ I engaged in a chat with the guy and listened. Next step was to get away from previous mistakes I made with book covers. I had always chosen images for the designer to work with. Mistake! I’m not a designer and the result with hindsight was not right for the book.

So, then I made a smart move and engaged the services of Eeva Lancaster, The Book Khaleesi, who was brilliant. She listened and looked for images to suit the genre, and create a theme running though the series, and voila! I’m delighted with the results and here they are below.


That cover for the first in the series, Who The F*ck Am I?, was originally designed by The Cover Collection, but once I explained to Eeva the whole series numbering will become redundant (new books to be added), she adapted it to dispense with the Book One on the original. Now all the series’ covers carry the tagline ‘A Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thriller.

Next, the Book Khaleesi set about designing the other two in the series once we had agreed the parameters. These are the results:

Dilemma is mostly set in Thailand so I love the image of the temple with the river in the foreground. It also carries on the hand holding a gun theme. Definitely crime fiction and a thriller.

Rivers of Blood continues the theme, colours, and fonts. This book is mostly set in England and features a scene in a stately home. The building could be that building but in keeping with the brief, it also depicts Westminster Palace housing Parliament – the plot also encompasses a white supremacist conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United Kingdom.  If you look closely, you can also see a bridge over a river. The final scene takes place on a bridge overlooking the River Thames. I’m thrilled with the cover. Bravo, Eeva!

The series will be added to in time with a prequel and sequel. I’m writing the prequel now. So, eventually there will be five books in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thriller series,

The current three are available as a box set. Eventually, I will hire Eeva to redesign the box set cover too, once I take a breather. There’s a lot to do if you change a cover, never mind three. All those different platforms where the covers are displayed:

And more will probably occur to me 🙂

I really can’t recommend Eeva’s services highly enough! You can find The Book Khaleesi here.

Did I mention she also provides 3D versions of covers to use on social media?




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