I hope it is a KDP & CreateSpace teething problem. My first encounter with KDP Customer Service in connection with paperbacks does not augur well. I cannot imagine my problem would have arisen under the old CreateSpace regime. Time will tell.

At the moment I look upon the ‘Customer Service’ part of KDP as somewhat of an oxymoron. Here’s why:

The screenshots above and below were taken today about thirty seconds apart. Above shows one view of my book and correctly displays 61 reviews. The view below shows an entirely different story.

Spot the difference!

I’ll give you a clue – the reviews went from 61 to 33 in the time it takes to click a mouse. I was furious as this added insult to injury. Let me explain:

Over a week ago I reformatted this book to give a better customer experience. There was no additional content, apart from a new ‘Also By’ section at the back of the book, so no need for a new edition but it did increase the page count from 303 to 364 pages.

I uploaded the new reformatted version to both Kindle and paperback in my KDP dashboard, having migrated the paperback from CreateSpace to KDP some weeks back. Now the fun starts!

The first thing I notice is the ‘Look Inside’ feature was all wrong. It was badly formatted and displayed. That took about three days and a few emails to remedy bit it was fixed – eventually!

Then I noticed the page count was all wrong. It showed 255 pages and linked to a paperback ISBN which was the now-retired first edition. That is still listed on Amazon by a third party seller who has some used copies of my book.

I pointed all this out to KDP Customer Service who told me it would be fixed within twenty-four hours. They have told me that on three occasions now.

It wasn’t fixed so I emailed once more politely complaining. This was about the third or fourth time I had emailed about the ISBN page count issue displayed on the Kindle product listing page.

I received a reply today that resulted in the images you see above and the loss of about fifty percent of my reviews. And the page count is still showing 255 pages!!

They, in their wisdom (sarcasm), had un-linked the old retired first edition ISBN resulting in the loss of those reviews. They still have not linked the new and correct ISBN because the page count is still shown as 255.

Go figure!

My patience has disappeared and I shot off an email today to Jeff Bezos.

I do hope this is not the way things are going to be with the new merger of KDP and CreateSpace.

PS you could call CreateSpace Customer Service but not KDP. That is a difference!


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