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Part four of the series of pandemic quarantine tales from across the world. This time it is the turn of two of my best fans, a lovely husband and wife team, who are voracious readers.

They tell their stories in their own words.

Tina C UK

Where to start really lol. I’m still currently working. Known as a key worker in a store. Sort of had a fight on my hands to begin with to still be able to work as I am asthmatic with two other conditions but it was the asthma my work was mainly worried about. On the verge of being sent home one day my  boss advised me to call the covid-19 helpline. While on the call giving lists of medications etc and the fact that I have had pneumonia 4 times in the space of a few years they decided on the info I gave them I’d be safe to continue to work as long as I paid attention to the self guarding measures and was kept of the till as much as possible. Being Head Baker it wasn’t hard tbh as I have so many other jobs to attend to that all come under that heading (i wont go i to detail I’d be here all day lol). So that having been dealt with I continued to work as the alternative was 12 weeks off with only SSP [My note: Statutory Sick Pay] to survive on which once taxed works out as £60 a week roughly. Wouldn’t even cover my monthly rent!

Most customers are so grateful of the jobs we do but we still get the odd self entitled ones who think we are just there for them to abuse and right now there does seem to be an abundance of these people. I understand it’s all a bit scary right now but I don’t go to work to be their verbal sounding board and their free reign to abuse. I’m scared too. I’m considered at risk but not at risk enough to get a shielding letter to stay indoors for 12 weeks. I also have a husband who is still currently working. Hes also ill with two blood clotting disorders. Stroke survivor with a blood clot on his brain still. Day in day out is very scary for us but we still have to work and we still have to live. I’m so glad for all the appreciative people out there who support all us NHS [National Health Service] and key workers. The rest who feel entitled can collectively go……… themselves😉.

Rick C UK

Hi Steve, I’m considered a key worker as is Tina so we’re both still working. She’s more on the frontline then me with her working in retail. My work have shortened the work I do to 4 on 4 off rather then 6 on and 3 off. Missing watching the mighty pool but have been playing FIFA to get my fix.

They are two down-to-earth responses to my question I posed: do you have any quarantine stories to tell? That’s part four of the series of pandemic quarantine tales, and apart from my take, probably the last in the series.

The “pool” Rick refers to is Liverpool Football Club, the English Premier League Champions in waiting as the season has been suspended owing to the pandemic. I am also a huge fan of that team, but I’ll go onto that soon when I write about my own thoughts and experiences during quarantine.

Stay safe, people. #StayatHome unless you are a key worker, and if you are, you have the prayers and good wishes of millions of people from across the world.


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