This post How to Schedule Recurring Tweets is aimed at the many indie authors who find Twitter confusing or just don’t get it.

Help is at hand! Twitter really does work if you understand it. That is especially true for indie authors. I have proved it time and time again. Twitter is way superior to other social media platforms for selling books and promoting your brand – you!

Like many indie authors, I run a tight budget. So tight I was recently running on fumes. My subscription to Social Oomph was suspended for about ten days and I saw my Amazon sales ranking plummet.

Funds then were restored so I paid my Social Oomph subscription and things got back to normal within days. My bestselling book climbed the rankings once more. Happy days!

Social Oomph for me is the best Twitter productivity tool out there and I have used them all. They offer a FREE 7-day trial of the Professional service, so why not try it?

Click the link below, have a good read as to what it does, register, then sign up for the free trial.
Get Your Twitter Productivity Tools Here

One of the best features of this tool is the ability to schedule recurring Tweets. Let me show you how it’s done in these images.

Step #1

Click on ‘Posting’ then ‘Create New Update’ and while you are here look at all those options.

Step #2

Click on ‘New Image & Text.’ Images work better than just text.

Step #3

Click on ‘Choose File’

Step #4

I am now going to choose the image file that I wish to insert.

Step #5

Now I have added my text with the link to where I wish Tweeps to go. I added the link with a full URL but clicked ‘Shorten Links’ to keep my text within the 140 character limit.

Once I shortened it then I clicked back in the text box and it recalculates the character count – now 137 so it’s good to go.

Step #6

See what I have checked to schedule the Tweet on a recurring basis.

The Tweet

This is the Tweet as it appeared a few minutes after I clicked ‘Save.’

It is as easy as that. It took me about five minutes. Now I forget it but monitor it from time to time to see if it is generating the desired results.

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