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Sampler – Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover

In readiness for publication later this year, I give you a taste of what my memoir Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover¹  is about. I hope you agree that it will be far removed from a dry, mundane and dare I say, boring memoir. I hope you agree so much that you will rush to buy it when available. Please watch this space for future announcements about the publication date.

Now available for Pre-Order at UK Amazon and US Amazon stores.

¹The title of the book is now Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.

This is what an undercover detective should look like –

operation julie inside and undercover
And, a few months earlier –

me os blues




Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story

The sampler has now been replaced by the feature below whereby you may read the first three chapters for FREE!  $1 as a fundraiser for the James Bulger Memorial Trust.

Enjoy and I hope you go on to buy the book.



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  1. Dale Alberts Dale Alberts

    Another piece of human garbage that went to war against his own people. Like I’m going to give this garbage money? F you and all the “officers” that punish people with terror. People like you CAUSE the misery and destruction, you cause division and hate, and you lived off the WELFARE of the people while you went to war on them, despicable, unapologetic, willing to hurt more people.

    • Stephen Bentley Stephen Bentley

      Thank you Mr. Alberts for that scintillating insight into your warped mind. What is it you are smoking? I’d throw it away if I were you!

    • Stephen Bentley Stephen Bentley

      I forgot to thank you for removing the comment about me “eating a bullet.” Man you are a piece of work! A true hero of the internet age. A surfing global warrior! I am so pleased to have made your acquaintance – NOT!

  2. darren kis darren kis

    Undercover drugs squad officers targeting cannabis and acid are the worst. If you’d spent as much time and money busting heroin dealers we might not be in the situation we’re in now.
    Drugs won the War on Drugs, all your lifes work has been a massive waste of talent, time and money Stephen.

    • Stephen Bentley Stephen Bentley

      I understand your sentiments Darren. And, to a degree agree with them. But it is a complex arena and way too complicated to debate here. If you buy and read my book, you will see that the rank and file of Operation Julie officers wanted to form a National Drugs Squad to combat the heroin problem.
      As usual vested interests and the government didn’t want that to happen. Even some of the Julie “conspirators” urged us to carry on to fight the heroin trade.
      What are your views on cocaine? Julie is synonymous with acid, but did you know I busted a huge plot to import cocaine into Britain from Bolivia via the States? That was all part of my undercover work on Julie.
      I never thought of Julie as being “the War on Drugs.” It was a phrase used by the editor of the article. One I don’t agree with.
      I also think it is a naive tactic to criticize any police activity that targets weed and acid as if they were sacred objects. Many drug dealers are polydrug dealers. They don’t give a shit whether it’s weed, blow, acid, speed or smack. It’s all about the money! That observation is based not only on 14 years police experience, but also 14 years as a London criminal defence barrister.
      I don’t think “my life’s work has been a massive waste of talent, time and money.” That is merely your opinion and one that you are entitled to.

    • Dale Alberts Dale Alberts

      100% correct, Stephen wasted his life punishing his “fellow” citizens. Why not write a book about how you helped people into the ovens because they wouldn’t obey the authorities in Germany, it is your mind set, You are the LAW.

      • Stephen Bentley Stephen Bentley

        Oh dear! Did you know that constant use of psychedelic drugs can cause the user to lose touch with reality?

    • Anne Parry Anne Parry

      If you think like that life is a waste of time!

      • Stephen Bentley Stephen Bentley

        Anne I’m sorry you felt driven to reply to these people. Of course they are entitled to an opinion but I have come to the view it’s best to simply ignore these ignorant folk.

  3. […] chapters of both books that are pending publication. I also included a synopsis of my memoir Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover so you may want to pop over and take a peep. It may persuade you to buy […]

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