I owe everything to Brenda Mohammed for the inspiration behind this post. It is in commemoration of World Book and Copyright Day. I reproduce in part Brenda’s blog post about Real Lives Authors’ memoirs. You may go to her blog to read the full article by clicking on the link at the foot of this post.

You may recall I recently wrote about the Facebook Real Lives Authors group of which I am a proud member.

Meet some Real Lives Authors and read their amazing stories.

Rich Israel is the author of Groovin’: Horses, Hopes, and Slippery Slopes (Hippie Adventurer Book 1).

Here is an extract of a review of his book from Readers Favorite.

The author is a highly skilled storyteller–he describes each scene and person so well that the reader feels he was actually present. The book itself is inviting with meaningful quotes at the beginning of each part, some artwork, and a few photographs. The dialogue is crisp and well-
The reader is engaged from the first page to the last.
Mr. Israel notes that this book is the first of a series he is calling The Hippie Adventurer Series. Looking forward to the next one!” 5 STARS–Deborah Lloyd, Readers’ Favorite.
Buy the book at Amazon and read this fascinating story.

Kelly Artieri is the author of A Spot in my Heart: Loving a Special Needs Dog

This is what an Amazon Reviewer had to say about her book.

Reading this book is like having a heart to heart conversation with the author about the joys and heartaches of dog ownership.
My dogs are “normal”, but, like people, none are perfect.
Communication in any and all forms is essential in all relationships, whether it’s dog to dog, people to dog, or people to people.
I like books that entertain and teach at the same time; this book is one of the best in that regard. This is Ms. Artieri’s first book, but I certainly hope it won’t be her last.
Grab this amazing book at Amazon.

Jeffrey Von Glahn is the author of Jessica: The autobiography of an infant.

Here is one of the book’s best reviews.

Who remembers accounts of their infancy? Of being born? Practically no one. But Jessica is an exception. She remembers before and after her birth. And it points out the fact that it’s so important to get a good start because it can profoundly affect the rest of your life either positively or negatively. Dr. Jeffrey takes you through the stages of Jessica’s life and paints a riveting portrayal of a damaged woman who somehow regains her sense of self. Good plot, good pace, excellent story! Good Job!
Get this at Amazon.

John U. Gunter is the author of My Schizophrenia: One Man’s Struggles With Mental Illness.

This is what a doctor said about his book.

Your story helps us to be better clinicians and support you and others with recovery.” ~ Dr. Celeste Johnson, DNP, ARPN, PMH-CNS.
Buy the book at this link.

Liz Norman and Tracey Samios have written Mum’s the Word: Two Mums’ Take on Life with Kids
‘An exceptionally funny, helpful and wise take on life as a mum with kids.’

I read and reviewed this book.

Here is my review.

This is a book which brought back memories of motherhood.
It was filled with humour, love, and caring.
The authors are right.
Motherhood does not come with a rulebook.
It was well written and made me laugh.

Buy the book at Amazon.

Raquel Fletcher wrote The Year I Turned 25: A Memoir About Sex, Anxiety and a Dog Named She-Devil.

An Amazon Customer said this about the book.

Loved it! A very honest account of living with anxiety and helped make my own struggles feel more normal. I think it’s important to open the dialogue about mental illness in order to break the stigma around it and the author does this in a serious but yet humourous way. I highly recommend to all! Thank you so much, Raquel!
Buy the Book at this link.

Mickey Thomas, an ex-marine wrote the book The Grass Swale: Living With Guilt, Depression, and PTSD

I read and reviewed this book also.
Here is my review.

The Grass Swale is a personal Memoir of the life of the author, Mickey Thomas.
He has shared a great deal of personal information with his readers.
Not many people are brave enough to do so.
He blames himself for the death of his brother, but perhaps if he had accompanied him that night, he too may have met his death in that fatal accident.
His experiences in boot camp and as a Marine were terrifying.
No wonder he suffered from PTSD.
His wife, Hope, and four children were stabilizing factors in his life.
He was even blessed with grandchildren.
Despite the many ups and downs in his life, Mickey has a lot for which to be thankful.
The book was interesting and lessons can be learned from it.

Buy the book at this link.

Jonathan Fryer, a British journalist, wrote Eccles Cakes: An Odd Tale of Survival.

Eccles Cakes is beautifully written, poignantly touching, disarmingly frank. Michael Bloch

Buy the book at this link.

Stephen Bentley is the author of Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.

Here is my review of the book.

This book is an intriguing depiction of drugs, crime, and passion and the arduous lives of police officers. In his memoir, the author relates his experiences as a young detective right up to Detective Sergeant, and then as an undercover agent. Operation Julie was the highlight of his career in undercover work, and it was also the cause of his illness that caused him to resign. The police service treated him shabbily, but he managed to move forward with his life in an admirable way. He pursued a degree in law, followed it up with post-graduate studies, and had a successful career as a criminal defense barrister until his retirement.
The book was a page-turner, and I enjoyed reading it.

Here is the Amazon buy link.

The remainder of Brenda’s blog post and the full list of authors and their memoirs may be found by clicking this link.

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