Author Spotlight time again and fifth up in the Mystery Thriller Week 2017 author interviews is R.M. Gauthier.  This author is from Canada so breaking what seemed like a dominance of South African scribes (new collective noun?) . One of the beauties of Mystery Thriller Week is that it is truly international.

This interview is a “must read” for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey!


R.M. Gauthier


R.M. Gauthier lives in Ontario, Canada and has recently received a diploma in Film & TV Production.

She began her writing career late in life. She has been quoted saying, “better late than never.” She has three novellas published, Christmas Miracle in July, Longing & Waiting, and has just released her debut novel, Control, on November 10 2016.

She is part of many writing Facebook groups and helps run a group called The Indie Writers’ Cooperative, which provides her plenty of joy helping other authors anyway she can.

You may find R.M Gauthier on Twitter: @Ren0171968 and here:


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The Interview

Why do you write?

I write because I love it. Stories come to me and I feel compelled to write them down.

What are you currently working on?

I just published a Christmas novella, and I’m now working on getting book 2, Bound, of my series The Mystery of Landon Miller, together in order to publish in January 2017.

From where did you draw your inspiration to write your latest book?

My series is my baby that has been in progress for 5 years. There are many things that inspired the story, but most importantly I was trying to write something that was nothing like it seemed. When my novel ends you have no idea what is happening, or what will happen.

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was, An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco. A beautiful woman’s contemporary fiction novel that follows three very different women, told through the perspective of two of those women. What a great story.

Do you suffer from writers’ block?

No, I’ve haven’t suffered from writers’ block the way most people would refer to it as, but I have had periods where my stories just weren’t coming to me and if I force them they go badly. So I do have to wait until they come pouring out.

Biggest frustration as a self-published author?

Marketing is my biggest frustration in self-publishing. I love making all the graphics, videos all the things you need to do marketing, but finding places to actually promote your novels is the frustrating part.

Reviews for books are vital. Any tips on getting more reviews?

I have some great reviews on my books, but definitely could use more. I tried a few things to get reviews that included giveaways, and writing some review bloggers, but I think the best way to get reviews is to write great novels.

Do you use social media? If so, do you like using it?

I use Facebook & Twitter the most. I do have a neglected website that could use some TLC soon, but between writing and keeping up with FB & Twitter, there’s not much time left for anything else.

Who is your biggest fan?

My sister because she encourages me, gives me advice and makes me know I can do this.

Any special message for your readers?

I thank anyone who reads my novel, it’s such a great honour to know people are finding my work, and an even greater honour to know they enjoy it.

Thank you, R.M. Gauthier and you can find Control here on Amazon:

Amazon “blurb” –

Can one night change everything?

After a night out with her best friend, Alexandria’s world is turned upside down making her re-evaluate her entire life. Meeting Landon Miller, a powerful businessman and owner of an exclusive club opens the door to a world she never knew existed. But, what lies beneath his business suit is a dark domain of mystery and control that unlocks a world of crime and punishment.

Top Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 starsA dark story of infatuation & lust
By Jessica Jesinghaus on January 8, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Holy crap! Told first person from the point of view of Lexi, we are allowed to witness Lexi’s into into the BDSM realm. Her best friend, Hailey, has participated in the lifestyle for some time, but kept it secret from Lexi until the fateful day when Lexi laments the lack of excitement in her life. That night Hailey takes her to an exclusive club, except Lexi knows absolutely nothing about the type of club she’s in. Shocker, right?

As a newcomer to the lifestyle, Lexi is understandably taken aback. While exploring the club she encounters Landon, the club’s mysterious, wealthy owner. Now, as I was reading the first handful of chapters I couldn’t help but draw parallels to Fifty Shades… especially when Lexi and Landon begin to discuss their contract. Landon: the damaged, reclusive millionaire. Lexi: the self-doubting innocent. But I assure you, that’s where the similarities end.

Lexi is a married woman in a boring, thankless relationship. She’s questioning her life, her accomplishments, and her future. She’s infatuated with Landon, drawn to him magnetically, and her willingness to consider a contractual relationship with him is based solely on her desire to be near him. She’s willing to do anything to be in his orbit.

Control has the bones of a great book! And the ending!?! WTF? I didn’t see it coming. AT ALL! I seriously hope there’s a second installment in the works. There is no HEA in this story and the ending is quite the shocker.

The only issue I had with this book, and what kept me from giving Control a full five stars, was the over use and/or misuse of certain punctuation. There were lots of sentences with random semicolons in them. Comas placed in abundance where there needn’t be any. Another editing pass at this book to remove extraneous punctuation marks would give Control a facelift.

All told, this is an awesome story. The erotica element is mild, so readers worried about the BDSM content needn’t be. It’s more like a supporting character in the book than a gratuitous ploy to draw in readers. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a dark romance.
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5.0 out of 5 starsIf you liked reading 50 Shades of Grey, then you will love this book…Incredibly Amazing..!!!
By Sushant Sawant on November 10, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
While reading the book I am quite sure many people will try to relate and compare it with 50 Shades Of Grey as both the books has depicted the concept of BDSM, but the difference being Control falls under the thriller category. I like the story line of this book more than 50 Shades Of Grey . Being a fond reader of books in mystery and thriller category, I really enjoyed reading this story line.

Coming to the characters and the narration of the story, the characters feel much more real, genuine and relatable to me as compare to the ‘Ana and Christian’ from 50 Shades Of Grey. I was completely hooked on to the book right from the beginning and the story keeps on getting better. The way Renee has build suspense right from the beginning and keeps on continuing till the end is impeccable. Also she has kept the tone of the book light and funny which makes this book an interesting read. Renee has used first person style of narration and has done an immensely great job in doing it. The kind of details she brought through her writing of this alternate lifestyle is pretty impressive and I almost felt like I am watching the entire story unfold right in front of my eyes,The way the characters and their story is build and the transition of the story along the time is pretty amazing. I really like Renee’s writing style.

The book is full of mystery elements which won’t allow you keep the book down until you compelte the book. The best thing what I felt about this book is the way Renee has handled such a sensitive topic of BDSM, which many people are still not ready to accept and are judgmental. Renee has described the entire scenario of the alternate life of the people who are open to such endeavors without being judgmental.Read more ›


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