You be the judge! I loved this review. I seriously think it’s possibly the funniest review ever!

It’s also genuinely crafted, heartwarming. original and witty. Bravo Mr. Awar!

It appeared on today as a review of one of my audiobooks, Who The F*ck Am I? By the way, this is the new cover:

Warning! The review does contain adult language as do all my books in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series. They are gritty, hard-boiled crime fiction stories. So, if you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

The Review

“Very Interesting! “

For long stretches of nights.

Never talk about that in public.

Hash tones and pierce mode

Using more than I usually do.

Suzy delivered a rousing speech.

You are into business and the time is up for you to pay your taxes can be very threatening. This reminded me of a poignant discussion I once had with my Line Manager.

The chicken cordon bleu remained uneaten. Isn’t such expression very interesting? Your Friends should be filtered in order for them to pass through the testing of trustworthiness. You need to order this book now and get to know this important truth about your line of friends.

What the fuck! Is the expression, my 10-year old son, EMSL told me that it was a foul language and should not listen to such a book. Well, he failed to know that the book is sweet to listen in spite of the foul language.

I’m a fucking nobody. Play acting? What the fuck you’re talking about? Fuck the ticket! I rather pay a fine of a ticket than being killed. It is also an important lesson I grabbed from this book, which might soon and very soon serve me like a recipe to save myself in any dangerous encounter. I don’t need to tell you more to that the book is awesome.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I thought I’m going to die anyway, so I told them anyway. This is what fear can do to any of us. So, in such instances be very careful how you disclose life-threatening information to authorities of any kind.

In the next 30 seconds, the tables were turned around. A statement that made me reflect deeply on my past life and how the tables were turned around in my favour.

What are we going to do, are you in or out? Many a time, even in normal life, we need such frank lessons to be put across to either our friends or closed relatives. Because those who betrayed us aren’t our enemies in the first place, but closed members to us. So this book taught me to be vigilant in my future dealings with closed members in my personal life. You need to get it, please.

“Great tight nice pussy.” “See you in bed.” are expressions that made me love the book the more.

We all have experienced a situation like this before, wherein you are a peace abiding fellow and somebody from nowhere is there to just torment you. You’re obliged to give it back to them just like this case.

Mental toughness.

What beats my imagination is the patoi that was spoken in the process while the reading was going on. Very awesome, which made me feel like I was in Freetown.

Please get your copy and enjoy one of the best British narrators.

Wow! That’a all folks!

Thank you so much ETOFAWAR.

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