Just had super exciting news regarding #OperationJulie. Our first choice actor for undercover cop Stephen Bentley likes the script and we cannot wait to get this film started with such brilliant cast! #Wales — feeling excited

They were the words that greeted me in my Facebook Newsfeed. It was a post from Worldmark Films with this image of me in my undercover cop days with a huge question mark superimposed over the picture.

irst choice actor for undercover cop Stephen Bentley
To say I was excited would be the understatement of the year. I was higher than I ever was while undercover, and that’s saying something 🙂

I posted a comment on the Facebook post – Who? Who? Who? LOL. The reply was, ” You’re getting the news any minute now!”

I waited what seemed to be an eternity with a burning desire to know who?

The email arrived and I read it with glee not just because I discovered the identity of the actor who has agreed to play me, but also owing to the general hilarious tone of the email.

That tone was no surprise as the email came from Jack Cheshire, one of the two excellent screenwriters who have produced a first-class script for the #OperationJulie film based on my book. He and his co-writer, Ryan Cull, are really funny guys.

The script has many ‘laugh out loud’ moments  as well as the dramatic stuff that comes with a tale about undercover cops. One of my former colleagues seemed a little miffed that a film about Britain’s biggest drug bust (Operation Julie) was having a comedy spin attached to it. Nonsense! May I remind all what at least one reviewer said about my book:

Anyway, who is he? This first choice actor for undercover cop Stephen Bentley?

Sorry, but I am sworn to secrecy but he is BIG BOX OFFICE so watch this space.

There’s a way to go yet before filming starts. Finance is the biggie as it is with any film project. But Worldmark’s approach, guided by Managing Director David Wooster, is superb.

That approach has always been:

  • Top class screenplay – Check!
  • First class cast – in progress – Check!
  • Create a buzz – not yet started as it comes after the casting is settled.

Those things help attract finance as investors require a return on their money.

One other thing I must mention is the fantastic close working relationship between me, Jack, Ryan, and David. They have  always consulted me and kept me in the loop. Wonderful people.

As the treatment states for Operation Julie, the film:

Forget Breaking Bad. When it comes to surreal drug cartel stories, truth can be stranger than fiction. And the most bizarre story of all took place 40 years ago in the heart of rural Wales.

I’ll leave you with Jack’s last comment to me in his email:

Go Team Julie! See you on set at the New Inn soon!

You should really read the book, you know. Here’s the buy link and below is a sample:

It’s also in audiobook at Amazon, Audible, and Apple iTunes.

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