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I’m delighted to inform you there’s a wonderful 4-part podcast produced by True Crime Investigators UK. John and Sally are the people behind the podcast. They also present it in a friendly, laid back way but they are knowledgeable too as both are former serving police officers.

The Operation Julie podcast is broken down into these four parts and it’s received some wonderful reviews.

Episode 1: The set up / Plas Llysyn surveillance / The request to go undercover.

Episode 2: What is involved in preparation for an undercover operation and building relationships with contacts.

Episode 3: Dangers of undercover work / knowing where to draw the line / infiltrating and or befriending contacts.

Episode 4: The end of the Operation / the raids / the arrests and the convictions. Police career after Op Julie – rebuilding career after that big life moment.

Each episode contains a narrated excerpt from my book with my permission and that of Worldmark Films. 

I mentioned reviews so here is one from Apple: 

Great podcast 


I’ve just recently started listening to this podcast. What a great format, and the presenters have so much knowledge and insight into criminal investigation. Includes really interesting and informative interviews with people affected by the crimes covered.

 Please let me know what you think of the podcast.


  1. Tina

    Listened to these podcasts over a 2 day period once all were released. Big fan not only of Steve’s but this true crime story is so interesting that anytime anything about it pops up I’m there listening or reading about it. 👍❤.
    The podcasts themselves by the presenters were done really well. The atmospheric music was a really nice touch and to hear from the main man himself, Steve in his own words was brilliant 👏.

    • Stephen Bentley

      Thanks, Tina. I agree with all you say (naturally). Seriously, I hope people take your advice and give it a listen.


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