The filming of an Operation Julie documentary recently took place in Bacolod, Philippines where I now live. This post will take you behind the scenes of what turned out to be a tiring day but enormous fun.

At some date in the future, I will be able to show you some exclusive footage from the “final cut.” The documentary is to be aired in September, 2017 on ITV Wales, a major UK TV channel. I anticipate being able to show the footage about two weeks before the transmission date.

This is the YouTube video of the behind the scenes action:

Naturally, I was grateful when ITV Wales contacted me to discuss making this documentary. “Do you plan coming to the UK anytime?” I was asked, and “No” was the answer. They were keen to do it so arranged for a local film production crew Earth Sunday Productions to film.

I can’t speak highly enough of their expertise. Not only were they experts at what they do, but a great fun bunch of people to be with all day.

Opportunities like this are golden for indie authors like me. Once it is aired, I can almost guarantee there will be a spike in book sales.

It happened after I “appeared” on BBC radio in the UK. In case you missed that, here is the sound clip of the interview:

Here are some stills taken on the day of filming:

operation julie documentary



ITV Wales decided to make this documentary for two reasons. It’s the 40th anniversary this year of the massive drug busts that signaled the finale to Operation Julie. It led to police seizing record amounts of LSD, a Class A drug, and 15 defendants sentenced to over 124-years imprisonment. It is still the UK’s largest drug bust and broke up two gangs supplying LSD to over 100 countries.

Secondly, much of the action was in Wales. It was where I infiltrated and worked deep undercover on this operation.

If you would like to know more about my undercover days, click the link below to find my book on Amazon. If you live in the U.S. then use the link at the top of the sidebar on this page (at the bottom on some phones and tablets).

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