Hello 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade but I’m not one for making new year resolutions. I try my best at all times now I have finally matured.

I enjoy writing, and I know from some of you readers, you enjoy my books too. That makes me happy. It also helps me ignore the few bad reviews. I have now developed a real hardcore bunch of fans from all over the world. I thank you all because you help keep me motivated.

My biggest fan is my wife, Zabrina. I do all that I do for her and her two boys who I treat as my own. She gives me the time and space to write. Let’s face facts, she is younger than me, so it’s my way of trying to leave a legacy for her and the boys. I love her for all she does, and all she is …  as a wonderful person, wife, and mother.


That’s them and me 🙂

I have no crystal ball but I have hopes based on solid foundations. Those are things I can’t talk about right now because nothing is yet signed, sealed or delivered. That’s frustrating seeing I’m quite impulsive. Patience is a virtue … yawn!!

Quite a lot happened in 2019. I collaborated with some wonderful writers in Death Among Us. That is now out as an audiobook, as is Dilemma, with Rivers of Blood to come as an audiobook in about March this year. Oh! Mercy too will be released in audio format around March or April.

So what about 2020? New email service provider for a start. You may not even notice the difference, or will you?

More importantly, I will be running a raffle for all my subscribers to win a free hardcover edition of my bestseller Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story. It retails for £18.99 or $21.99, depending which side of the pond you live. It will be delivered free of all shipping wherever the winner happens to live.  Sorry, it will be unsigned owing to the huge costs involved in shipping a copy to me in the Philippines, then onward to the winner.

Works in progress (WIPs) include a prequel and sequel to the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series (by popular demand), Book Two in the Detective Matt Deal Thriller series, possibly another collaboration with some of the writers in the murder mystery collection, and a sequel to my memoir covering events since Operation Julie to date.

A busy 2020! So, hello 2020 🙂

Please subscribe to be in with a chance of winning the hardcover edition of my bestselling undercover cop memoir.

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