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It’s always a pleasant boost when there’s a new media story on undercover cops especially when I’m featured. It often leads to a spike in sales, albeit not a huge one on every single occasion.

Vice magazine in the UK has just published a piece under the headline ‘Undercover Police On the Most Dangerous Situation They’ve Been in.‘ Not the best headline copy I have ever read but…

There then follows a sub-title “Are you guys cops?” he asked. “If you are…” he added, touching my forehead with his two fingers, imitating a gun. “Pop! Pop!” Those words are straight out of my book and used with my permission in this article.

The piece goes on to say:

Stephen Bentley


Stephen Bentley undercover as a hippie while infiltrating an LSD network.

My undercover buddy and I had travelled to Liverpool, where we met with a Canadian. It soon became clear he was connected to the mob and South American drug cartels. He set out the deal. It involved my partner and I importing huge quantities of cocaine.

Following a curry, we ended up at the She Club in Liverpool. The Canadian carried on setting out the deal. It was clear he was a ruthless top player. He suddenly glared at me with a killer look. “Are you guys cops?” he asked. I laughed it off as he added, “If you are…” and touched my forehead with his two fingers, imitating a gun. “Pop! Pop!” he spat, imitating an execution.

I later learned my operational boss handed him over to the DEA. He ended up being sentenced to 25 years in America.

You can read the full article here

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