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Name the title of Book 3 Steve Regan Undercover Cop and win a free $50 Amazon gift voucher and more.

To enter the competition, I ask you read the first two chapters of Book 3 in the series. They are shown as bonus chapters in Dilemma, Book 2 in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series but only in the Kindle version not paperback.

You may access the book through your Amazon store where it’s available for purchase and on Kindle Unlimited. That link will take you to your Amazon store no matter where you live.

The link below is for Amazon UK only.

Once you have read those bonus chapters, simply submit your title suggestion(s) in the comments section below this post or email me at sbATstephenbentley.info.

Have a go! Name the title of Book 3 Steve Regan Undercover Cop. I will choose the best and most appropriate title. The winner will receive:

  • A signed paperback copy of Book 3
  • A $50 Amazon voucher
  • And a character in the book will be named after the winner

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Want a flavour of Dilemma and the series? This is a review from an Amazon UK Top 500 Reviewer:

Breakaway Reviewers
5.0 out of 5 stars He still doesn’t know who the F*** he is.
20 August 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Steve Regan, now known as Ryan, is undercover in Thailand, looking for a Texan named Les Watkins, the biggest drug smuggler in Thailand.

He is using himself as bait to score $500,000 worth of drugs from the Thai Mafia and to get closer to Watkins.

He becomes involved with Fon, a beautiful Thai woman and they both get involved in the dangerous operation.

Meanwhile, Carlos Vitale and Regan/Ryan’s nemesis is in Thailand fleeing from the US after ordering the death of the heads of 3 crime families.

When in mortal danger will he choose his new life or another alternative?

Regan is BACK!

I am so pleased Stephen Bentley has written another Regan story, I LOVE him!!

The first book ‘Who the F*** am I?’ was brilliant and I wasn’t disappointed with this one. Regan is still risking his life and wondering why he is doing it. The story is strong as are the characters. It made me laugh, cry and cringe (some scenes are wickedly descriptive).

The author keeps the story short and sweet with no padding and unwanted descriptions of the scenery; it is pure action and thrills.

I recommend this book and indeed the Regan series they are excellent and a real joy to read.


Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of this book to review

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