Undoubtedly all authors have an all time favourite review of one of their books. I’m no different. The review of Who The F*ck Am I? by British crime author Pat McDonald almost moved me to tears.

A great review is…  a great review… is a great review in anyone’s language. When it comes from one of your peers, it has an extra special meaning. This author/reviewer knows what it takes to write crime fiction novels. And, by the way, she is pretty good at it.

Whenever one of my books receives a good review, I ask my wife Zabrina, to make me a social media graphic. She’s good at it and has another indie author as a client. She acts as a virtual assistant to that author. If you like what you see, contact me through this website (sbATstephenbentley.info). I will make sure she gets your message.

The review from Pat McDonald was lengthy so it was split into two graphic cards suitable for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Here is the first part:

Pat’s right about the title. I think it may deter some. Too late now. It plays havoc with SEO and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) refuse to run it as an ad.

Yet, as the review points out it is apt. Real or fiction, an undercover cop does run a risk of identity confusion. Or, in other words –  Who The F*ck Am I?

A title of ‘Identity Confusion’ doesn’t quite do it for me.

Below is the second part of the same review:

That is the part that moved me. It’s reviews and opinions like this that inspire me and continue writing. Thank you so much Pat McDonald!

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