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Receiving royalties for your book sales in more than one currency can be fraught with difficulty never mind the currency conversion hassles. So, if this is your situation it’s a must read if you receive royalties in more than one currency.

Update: I no longer use Payoneer as it has severe drawbacks. I now use TransferWise to facilitate all my foreign currency royalties. You can read more here

I have no idea about other publishing platforms but I do know that KDP royalties can now be paid into two separate accounts nominated by you.

That means I can have my royalties for paperback and Kindle paid into my UK bank for all sales in GBP. That was always the status quo with me. My USD sales were also paid into my UK bank involving currency conversion by KDP before the transfer was made. I was losing money!

Converting currency can be expensive at the best of times, but with respect to the Mighty Zon, especially when you have no control over the process.

Now you can control it. And it’s easy and simple.

Before I explain how, I make this disclosure. I am an affiliate for Payoneer, the service I am about to recommend to you. I receive a small commission if you use my signup link here. Not only do I receive a commission but you also receive $35 once you have processed $1000 in payments through your new Payoneer account.

Here’s how it works from my perspective. In other words my example is my UK bank account but I wish to receive my USD royalties intact minus any currency conversions.

Just switch it around if you are US based with a US bank account and wish to have your GBP or Euro payments unmolested by currency conversions.

This can also work if you are based in Australia or, if like me, you are an expat. In fact, it’s an ideal solution to those authors who live in a country where Amazon will not pay direct transfers into your bank account.

Step One – Payoneer Application

  1. Open a Payoneer account using this link
  2. Choose a currency from USD, GBP, Euro or AUD – this will be the currency you wish to receive royalties in
  3. Apply for the preloaded* MasterCard in the currency as at 2.
  4. You will receive details of a virtual bank account in the currency country of your choice
  5. Make a note of that account’s routing # (Sort Code) and the account # – you will need these details for KDP

Step Two – KDP Dashboard

  1. Login to KDP Dashboard
  2. Go to ‘account details’
  3. Go to ‘Getting Paid’
  4. Enter details of second bank account (the Payoneer account)
  5. Choose Amazon marketplace (see image below)

There you see what I have done. My GB (UK) bank account is set up to receive all royalties in GBP from twelve Amazon marketplaces. There are thirteen in total at present,

My Payoneer First Century (US) virtual bank account is set up to receive all royalties from sales made in the US.

I chose to do it that way because one hundred percent of my sales come from either the UK or the US. You just do what suits you best in your particular circumstances.

The bottom line is I am no longer suffering losses owing to currency conversion on my US sales. They are now paid directly into my Payoneer account and I have a preloaded* MasterCard issued by Payoneer linked to that account. I use that for some online purchases and a marketing budget where the payment is in USD so I am losing nothing because there is no currency conversation.

Try it! Apply for a Payoneer account today and use my link please.

This is a great tip for any freelancers, not just authors, so please pass on this advice to other freelancers.

  • preloaded means there must be funds in the account before you can use the MasterCard
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