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It used to be called Mothering Sunday in the UK. Now, I believe many have adopted the American Mothers Day. Possibly Hallmark has had some say on that 🙂 Anyway, I’d like you to know about a Mothers Day Special Gift Store. Mothers Day falls on Sunday March 31, 2019 in the UK and May 12 in the United States.

Mothers like books too you know and a book can make for a thoughtful gift. Here’s a link to a selection of books in the Amazon BooksGoSocial store.

My recent release, The Steve Regan Undercover Cop Complete Collection, is there in addition to many other fine books. Take your time and have a browse.

Please note the prices shown aren’t accurate owing to my location when accessing the Amazon store. For example, my Steve Regan box set is priced at $6.99 not the $7.81 as shown.

There’s a great selection of books there and different genres. I’m sure your mother would be delighted to read at least one of them. And, if you are a mother then drop a hint to your kids.

Here is that link again – BooksGoSocial Amazon Store.





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