It was part of a book blitz organized by @Shalini_G26 (Twitter) and her Digital Reads Blog Tours when numerous book bloggers featured a Mercy cover reveal. It was fun and successful seeing the pre-orders for the Kindle rise as a result of all their magnificent efforts. I Love you all!

Mercy is my latest book. It’s Book One in a new series of Detective Matt Deal Thrillers. I have been blown away by the early reviews posted by some of my advanced reviewing team. They are a great bunch, and you know what? They not only downloaded a free ARC for review purposes but also pre-ordered the book. That makes me happy and honoured to have such a great bunch of fans.

Before I reproduce some of those reviews, allow me to show you some of the images on the blogs who took part in this blitz. It’s cool how they ‘disguised’ my cover revealing it with a degree of panache and flair.

Here is how Jessica Belmont did it on her blog.

Followed by this way down the post after the book excerpt:


Followed by, of course, the cover itself. Really cool!

Next is James (Jay) Cudney’s This Is My Truth Now blog, and by the way check him out – he’s a cool dude and author of some fab books.Ā  Below is how he did the cover reveal with this feature image:

Mercy cover reveal

Clever, right?

I also loved the post where the blogger had a feature image of a blank book cover with a huge question mark in the middle. But for the life of me I can’t find it now. I have trawled through the blogger list and my Twitter notifications but simply cannot find it. Sorry!

Anyway, I did love this one on the DampPebbles blog. It’s kinda eerie and shows just a part of the cover without revealing it in full. Amazing!

Mercy cover reveal

Indeed, I love the site. It has a really cool look about it and loads so speedily. Below is a capture of the home page:

Looks great, right?

Thank you to Shalini and all the bloggers who took part in the cover reveal. Sorry I can’t find the ‘question mark blogger.’ šŸ™‚ They were, in no particular order:

Shalini Book Reviews by Shalini



















James Cudney


Urban Vyaas




Don Jimmy


Stephen Bentley’s new book, Mercy, A Detective Matt Deal Thriller, is the first in this series. His partner Wolfie Jules, a tough, attractive biker, arrives on the scene early in the story as witness to the brutal attack of Matt’s daughter Mercy. Wolfie becomes manager of Matt’s martial arts studio when he must get away to deal with his anger and sadness. The weight of his daughter’s assault, which lands her in a coma, is too much to bear. His ex-wife and father-in-law create added stress for this suffering father. Matt also struggles with worry that Mercy’s attackers may get away with their crime. Set in the future in post-Brexit U.K., the well-developed characters, plot and fast-paced story make this book an exciting read. I liked the character of Matt Deal because he reminded me of a young Charles Bronson. There are some graphic descriptions of Mercy’s assault plus sexual language and imagery. For readers who love thriller detective stories, I highly recommend this book! I received an advanced copy of this book from Booksprout. 5 stars

Goodreads 5*


Hang on to your hat…this thriller is not for the faint-hearted! Matt Deal is a hard-hitting, hot-blooded detective seeking peace and justice for his daughter, Mercy. His voyage takes him into dark places but, he emerges stronger and with a new hot side-kick, Wolfie Jules! The facts of the cases that he works are stellar, his romps with the ladies made this girl blush more than once! Stephen Bentley has created a crime fighter that will remind you of vintage detective mags! Bravo! Stephen Bentley

BookBub 5*


Amazon Kindle Pre-Order Only 0.99 Until Release Day November 30, 2019Ā 

Amazon Paperback Now AvailableĀ 

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Paperback ISBN 9786219619004 Published by Hendry Publishing and soon available in all good bookstores worldwide.

If you would like to read the first three chapters of Mercy together with the excerpt published in the blog tour, click this link to Bookfunnel. You will need to subscribe to my monthly readers’ update but by doing so, you will also be able to read for FREE the first book in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series.

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