Seeing the title of this blog post, you may think – of course! Any media exposure fuels book sales and more media exposure fuels book sales exponentially.

I am not talking about social media although that plays a part. I am referring to “the media,” TV and newspapers whether paper or online editions. If you want to know more about social media and book sales then allow me to refer you to this post.

As self-published indie authors we have to beat our own drum and blow those trumpets. No one else will do it for you. We have no publicity machine behind us and often no budget to speak of.

I guess I may be fortunate in that my bestselling memoir is in a niche. It’s all about undercover cops, drugs and organised crime. There is excitement and action. It reads like a thriller in places or so some reviewers say.

Is that enough alone to turn a book into a bestseller? I don’t think so. An author needs media exposure. It has helped me enormously. I was fortunate enough to have me, my exploits and my book featured worldwide by the BBC, UK national and regional newspapers, and now an author interview on prime time US cable TV.

Whatever your book is about, I urge you to somehow find a way of getting exposure on at least local media. I can’t tell you how to do that because each case is different. But, please put the thinking cap on and see what you come up with. And, please remember, like many things in life, it’s a case of ‘who you know.’ Go through that old journal or contacts book and see who may just be able to lend a helping hand. All it takes is a lucky break. So, good luck!

In the space of a few days this week, my book or me, has featured in two TV programmes on each side of the Atlantic.

I was the guest author on Detroit’s APNTV Media’s show and this is the link to the video:

Then there is a documentary about Operation Julie aired on British TV. It is in the Welsh language but with English subtitles:

Click this link to view Y Ditectif

more media exposure fuels book sales

Y Ditectif

My book (above) is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. I am thrilled to say it now has a total of 37 reviews on Amazon UK and 16 on Amazon US.


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