Only today a good writer friend of mine posted this question on his Facebook timeline: How To Make Readers Care About Your Hero.

It was posted in the form of a question but allow me some licence there, please. I do think it worth repeating my answer to him here for all those looking for fresh ideas to make your readers care about your characters.

Thought this was worth reposting. It was my answer to a question posed by Benjamin Thomas elsewhere. He asked how do you make readers care about your characters.
The following was my reply and it applies to all plotters. Pantsters look away now! 🙂
Read Blake Snyder’s ‘Save The Cat.’ Though it is a book about screenwriting, it all translates to writing fiction.
He says, and I think it is a great tip, to give your hero a ‘save the cat’ moment. It does not mean he/she has to literally climb a tree to rescue a cat.
He gives the example of Pacino in ‘Sea of Love.’ At the start of the movie we see Pacino as the undercover cop where the police trick hundreds of wanted felons into attending a movie theater in the belief they stand to win a raffle for a Yankees ticket.
Then we see Pacino leave the building where he is confronted by a desperate father with his little boy. He is late and pleads to be admitted. He is also a wanted felon. Pacino looks into the small boy’s eyes and decides to flash his gold shield at the felon who is eternally grateful for the tip-off.
Camera pans to the felon walking away dragging his son behind him. We now all care about the cop portrayed by Pacino. It is a save the cat moment!

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