Yes, there is a key to social media time management and it is applicable to writers, authors, bloggers and in fact any one who wishes to promote and sell products.

key to social media time management

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Yes, you! You, the author who typically says, “won’t sell, can’t sell, don’t know how to sell, selling is a dirty word.” Or, you, the author who simply does not know the way around social media and marketing your product. This post is for you all.

I think I will scream the next time I hear another author say, “I have no time for social media.” Balderbloodydash!!

Think of this post as an introduction. I will introduce you to an easy to understand 101 course on the essentials of marketing your book or any other product through social media. All I ask in return is you sign up for my newsletter. It will be delivered to your email inbox on the first of every month. As soon as you sign up, you will be able to download my FREE eGuide:

Key to Social Media Time Management For Writers & Others

I believe that’s quite a fair deal.

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What Do I Know About It?

Good question! I have written and published two books with more in the pipeline. My last book Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story is a bestseller on Amazon UK. Why? Because I boxed clever. I had no budget to speak of and I was self-published so I had to create a buzz surrounding that book.

How Did I Do That?

I learned the hard way through trial and error. I found out what works and what doesn’t work. I discovered how to market my books ethically and professionally. And, you know the best bit? I discovered tools to help me manage my time.

These tools make my social media activity easy peasy. They allow me to devote much of my time to write, the thing I like best.

I am active in about 40 Facebook groups that focus on books. The same for Google+, but only about 12 groups. I have a healthy number of followers on Twitter. How do I manage all of this? My eGuide will tell you how I do it spending on average one single hour per day on social media. That leaves me 23 hours to write … and sleep.

What’s In It For You?

You will gain from the benefit of my experiences. You too can save loads of time if you follow my advice. Not only will you save time, but I can guarantee you will sell books.

Final Request

I ask you to follow the step-by-step approach in my eGuide. Don’t cut corners.

If you do as I suggest, you will succeed. 

The eGuide will cover Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. It will also give you the key to social media time management.

I know it all works. Readers have told me they have bought my books. They have used both Twitter and Facebook to tell me. It reached Amazon UK bestseller status because I promoted it and sold it through social media.

None of this is new. In ancient civilizations, scribes sold their creations by shouting in the street. Indeed, it appears to be a practice that hasn’t completely died out. A writer friend recently told me this in an email: I hand-sell my book about grandmothers on the street (and have sold about 80 that way in two years.) 

There are easier ways than flogging your books out in public. You need to be seen and heard on social media. Let me show you how.

It has amazed me in recent times how naive some of my author friends can be. Readers are not telepathic. They can’t read your thoughts. You need to tell them about you and your book!

As a big thank you for signing up, you will also be able to download for FREE my first book all about life in the Philippines. Consider it as a bonus gift from me.

In fact, I’m in a generous mood. I will also give you for FREE a Google spreadsheet comprising a list of some 60 Facebook and Google+ book related sites.

Sign up now to get your FREE eGuide, FREE eBook about the Philippines and my list of 60 book-related Facebook and Google+ sites.

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