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Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad by the Clash is a favorite song for many people of a certain age.

Did you know it was inspired by Operation Julie? It’s something I often forget to mention when discussing my own undercover cop memoir Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.

The lyrics of Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad go like this:

It’s Lucy in the sky and all kinds of apple pie
She giggle[s] at the screen ’cause it looks so green
There’s carpets on the pavement
And feathers in her eye
But sooner or later, her new friends will realize
That Julie’s been working for the Drug Squad
Julie’s been working for the Drug Squad
She can’t even look you in the eye
Well it seemed like a dream; too good to be true
Stash it in the bank while the tablets grow high
In their Millions
And everybody’s high (Hi, man…)
But there’s someone looking down
From that mountain side
‘Cause Julie’s been working for the Drug Squad
‘Cause Julie’s been working for the Drug Squad
Ten years for you
Nineteen for you
And you can get out in twenty-five
That is if you’re still alive
Oh oh, alive
Oh yeah, alive
Oh oh,…

Watch and listen here:

Despite the song having helped in establishing Operation Julie in the annals of British popular social culture and history, it isn’t my favorite Clash song.

I much prefer London’s Calling.

You can find out more about Operation Julie by clicking here.

Photo Credit for Featured Image: Wiki Commons

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