One of the most common questions other indie authors ask me is, “How do I increase book reviews?” This is usually asked by authors with no or very few reviews.

All new books, whether independently or traditionally published, start off equal. There are no reviews. The trads soon garner reviews through expensive review sites such as Kirkus or the rather less expensive Netgalley. Some indies use those review platforms too, if they have the money to do so.

There are other ways to increase book reviews.

I found one recently. It’s called Book Gobbler.In fact one of my books is available for review on that site right now. It’s easy to use and easy to register either as an author or a reader.

This is what they say about their services:

BookGobbler is a service designed to tackle the problem of getting honest book reviews. Our aim is to help books and authors succeed.

We give real readers free books, in exchange for their honest reviews. While other websites are charging fees, and some reviewers are being paid for their review, has set out to be free for both readers and authors.

We want new and indie authors to be able to get the same exposure as the deep pocketed publishers get.
Please join us in this quest, and help make the book market a fairer place!

That is pretty clear, I think.

You may also find them on Facebook.

There are three “in-house” book reviewers/bloggers –

Brittany Hood works as a project administrator by day and an avid book reader by night. She created her book blog Brittany’s Pages in 2017 in order to channel her obsession for books. Brittany lives on the East Coast of the US with her husband and 3 rambunctious beagles.

Brittany’s reviewing style focuses much on the human factor, characters and emotions. She glides through the plot-lines, with a an enthusiastic tone, as much as the novel can extrapolate from her. She mainly enjoys fiction; Historical and literary being her favourites. 2017 was a big year for Brittany as she branched out into new and un-scouted genres. She welcomes all genres and enjoys exploring what the literary world has to offer.

Joni Dee is the author of And the Wolf Shall Dwell, his debut political-spy thriller. His writing style is inspired by the great masters of imagery such as Hemingway and Clavell, while his gripping story lines have taken after giants such as le Carré, Greene and Derek Raymond. He bases his novels loosely on his vast knowledge of the intelligence world. He lives in London, UK, with his wife and two children.

Joni tends to be prosaic in his reviews, and often looks for similarities between writing styles. He is more lenient towards debut novels, but expects to be carried away with what he is reading. He is an English language enthusiast, and a sucker for good imagery.

I prefer mysteries and thrillers, but I’ll read general fiction and the occasional Sci-Fi. I don’t have any particulars ‘don’ts’ but I stray away from fantasy, since nobody can top Zelazny for me.”

Julia Wilson – Book Blogger
Julia describes herself as “a bookaholic”. For as long as she can remember she has loved books. She believes that we owe it to authors to review every book we read. She suffers from M.E since 2010 and had to stop working as a teaching assistant for special needs in 2015, she then developed fibromyalgia but the good news is… “I have much more time to read!”. Julia is running her book blog Christian Bookaholic (set by her son Michael) so she could share her reviews. She is also a crazy cat lady and has five adorable cats. She had smashed her Goodreads target of 300 books in 2017!

Julia’s tips for her reviewing style: She never gives away the plot; She is kind; She picks out the main themes; She uses quotes from the novel; She gives her opinion on the characters; She gives her overall opinion on the book.

“My favourite genre is Christian fiction as there is nothing in it to offend. I enjoy mass market too: mysteries, thrillers, romance, Amish, suspense, detective, WWI, WWII, Holocaust, cat books… quite a wide range. I prefer the action set from 1850 onwards. And I will read the occasional nonfiction book too.”

So, now you know one way of increasing book reviews – go register with Book Gobbler now! Click this link.

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