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How to read a complete crime fiction trilogy For Only 0.99. Is it a question or am I going to show you? Here is the answer. I am going to show you.

By the way, the 0.99 is in both GBP and USD.

Please note, you will find links to all the books in the series at the end of the post.

Maybe you should make a note of these dates so you don’t miss out on how to read the complete Steve Regan Undercover Cop series for as little as $ 0.99 or £0.99. Think about bookmarking this post too.

At present the whole series would cost you £3.97 or $4.97 (one book Dilemma is priced at $2.99 on the US site. £1.99 UK). Eventually, the series will cost more because Book Three is on a special low pre-order price. That will increase as will Book Two, Dilemma.

Book One, Who The F*ck Am I? will remain priced at 0.99. It is also available as an audiobook. It is planned the whole series will be produced as audiobooks.

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Not a whole lot of money but follow on and read the complete trilogy for the fabulously low sum of 0.99.

Step One – Buy Book 1 FREE

Diary ready? Who The F*ck Am I? – Book One will be FREE in the Kindle store from Friday, January 4, 2019, 12:00 AM PST to Sunday, January 6, 2019, 11:59 PM PST

Some quick world time conversions looks like this: Sat January 5, 8 am GMT and 3 am EST to Mon January 7, 7:59 am GMT 2:59 am EST

Please correct me if I have that wrong. Math(s) was never my strongest subject 🙂

Step Two – Buy Book 2 FREE

Diary again, please.

Dilemma – Book Two will be FREE to download in the Kindle store from Friday, February 1, 2019, 12:00 AM PST to Sunday, February 3, 2019, 11:59 PM PST

Converted time zones: Sat February 2, 8 am GMT and 3 am EST to Mon February 4, 7:59 am GMT 2:59 am EST

Once more, please correct me if that is wrong.

Step Three – Pre-Order Book 3 For Only 0.99

Rivers of Blood – Book Three and series finale is at present on special low pre-order price of only 0.99 in GBP and USD. It will be released on March 1, 2019.You won’t even have to pay for it until release day!

The price will increase soon after the release date. Click link below.


Step Four

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Who The F*ck Am I? – Book One

Dilemma – Book Two

Rivers of Blood – Book Three

I do hope you enjoy the series.


Dilemma was shortlisted for Books Go Social Best Indie Book of 2018.

BooksGoSocial Readers' Choice Book of the Year 2018

No preview of Rivers of Blood as it is still on pre-order.

The Gripping Fast-paced Series Finale to the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Trilogy

Steve Regan is still undercover working for the same UK secret government department. He sets off on what he thinks is a last assignment: seconded to the Australian Feds posing as a hit man hired to assassinate a liberal Australian politician.

The Australian murder plot leads to the discovery of a frightening far-reaching white supremacist conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United Kingdom. The plotters include nobility, politicians, and high-ranking police officers.

Regan reluctantly agrees to infiltrate a London CID department in order to gather evidence against the cops, as it is suspected some of the detectives are involved in sporadic racially motivated attacks as part of the plot’s grand design.

Regan’s undercover infiltration is the most dangerous and audacious assignment he has faced.

Will he succeed? Or will this dangerous game endanger someone close to him?

Who will survive and who will die?

If you like Reacher or Milton, you will love Regan – the ‘real deal!’ – Undercover cop fiction written by a former undercover cop

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