How To Keep Unsubscribers Off Your Mailing List is the title of this post and I will show you exactly how thanks to the good people at BookFunnel.

Much effort and time is put into building an email list. For me, it’s not just an exercise in selling books. Through my regular monthly newsletter and other emails, I am trying to build a relationship between me and my readers.

I’m not the only indie author to extol the virtues of BookFunnel. My good friend and excellent writer, Stevie Turner, has blogged about this recently in this post.

I have long since railed against what I call book ‘hoarders.’ They are the folks who seem to take a delight in storing books as they never seem to read them all nor do I see them leave reviews even if they do read some.

Don’t get me wrong – I have admiration for all genuine voracious readers, and what’s more, some of my best and loyal fans found me through book giveaways offered on the likes of BookFunnel. It’s the ‘dip in, dip out’ people I dislike, and here’s why:

  • Indies give away books often if you signup for a mailing list
  • Those lists are curated by professional email service providers. In my case, Mailerlite
  • Those providers charge indie authors for their email service
  • BookFunnel also charges the indie author money if he/she uses an email provider integration i.e. it sends subscribers automatically to the mailing list
  • Some of the ‘dip in. dip out’ people not only unsubscribe after grabbing a free book (that’s okay and their right to do so), but also report the author’s email as spam
  • Those spam reports harm that author’s reputation with all the ‘ordinary’ email service providers including Gmail, Hotmail etc.
  • That increases the likelihood of future emails finding their way to a spam folder
  • That means that genuine fans of that author are more likely to miss some interesting or exciting news or offers

BookFunnel call these folks ‘Dastardly Double-Dippers.’ I like that term.

Having set the scene, this is how to keep unsubscribers off your mailing list:

First, you need to have a paid BookFunnel plan. BookFunnel will then walk you through the option of keeping these people off your list and say this:

There are two settings on your BookFunnel dashboard that can keep people off your list that have either a) signed up for it already and/or b) signed up in the past and UNSUBSCRIBED or marked you as spam.

The instructions continue thus:

You can tick the box to “Don’t allow subscribers to opt-in again if they have already downloaded the offered book”.

This setting will check to see if the same email address has already signed up for the same book on BookFunnel. If they have already signed up for the same book, a message will direct them to download the book again from their BookFunnel Library without requiring them to “sign up” again.

This prevents them from adding their email address to your CSVs and getting imported to your mailing list over and over again.

“Only apply this if the reader is subscribing through a group promotion”
This setting appears after you tick the “Don’t allow subscribers to opt-in again if they already have this book”. If you enable this setting, it will only apply to readers that try to sign up for a book they have already received through a BookFunnel promo.

It will not apply to any reader that signs up through a BookFunnel landing page you are sharing elsewhere (like your author website or on social media).

Don’t Allow Unsubscribers to Opt-in Again aka “Block readers from signing up again”
You can enable a setting on your BookFunnel dashboard that will block anyone that has unsubscribed from your list, or has marked you as spam, from signing up again.

Click Settings on your BookFunnel dashboard to view the setting. I don’t have this checkbox on my dashboard.

“Only apply this if the reader is subscribing through a group promotion”
This setting appears after you tick the “Don’t allow subscribers to opt-in again if they have unsubscribed from my list in the past” setting. If you enable it, it will only apply to readers that try to sign up for your mailing list from a BookFunnel group promo. It will not apply to any other BookFunnel signup page.

It will also block people from getting the free download.

I think this is a fantastic and welcome feature. It doesn’t affect genuine subscribers or fans but certainly protects the indie author against the dastardly double-dippers. Bravo BookFunnel!

What do you think? Indie authors and readers are invited to reply.

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