Update for the Ingratiates of the Book Reading Community!

Friday Freebies now cancelled. No more. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Not one single visitor stopped to say thank you. The time and effort I put into curating these lists of free books is not commensurate with any gratitude extended to me. You reap what you sow.


Welcome to Friday Freebies. This is #2 in a planned regular Friday spot. No catch, I simply curate sources of free books and let you know. Most of my sources are unavailable to the general reading public, but I assure you they are legit.

Quite a few visited here last week and there were a number of clicks through to the sources of the books. But, hey! Tell you what, no one stopped by to say thank you.

It takes time to compile the list then write and edit the post. A thank you would be nice. A cup of coffee nicer still 🙂 There I’ve said it. We will see. I do this for your benefit, not mine you know.

You can buy me that $5 coffee below, if you can afford to, then download as many books as you wish. Deal?

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Thank you!

How it Works

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At the Seaside Cozy Mystery Collection

Hot New Paranormal Releases

Sci-Fi Invasion


Magical Summer Reads

Finally, follow the link below to Booksprout for a list of free ARCs but you should know if you don’t leave a review after grabbing an ARC you run the risk of being blocked on that site. Their “rules,” not mine.

Click here and download the free Booksprout app for Android, iOS, or Fire.

Search for Stephen Bentley, follow me please, and then search for all available ARCs from all authors in the genre of your choice.

Happy Reading! And see you here next Friday 🙂

Note for authors: if you would like your free book featured here on this Friday spot, please email me for full details. I do make a small charge to help with running costs of this website. My email address is to be found at the top of any page on the site. 

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