I really dislike the plethora of free books for a number of reasons and I wrote about this recently.

However there are occasions when an indie author feels it necessary to giveaway a book for greater long term benefits.

That is exactly what I did with my bestseller undercover cop memoir, Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.

It is free now in the Kindle version until 12 midnight PDT on Monday August 28, 2017.

I really hope you download it but more than that I hope you will consider leaving a review. That, my friend, is the whole purpose of offering my book for free for two days.

There is a secondary reason – I have a new book coming out soon. The hope is the free promo will gain me some followers and they will rush to buy the new book. We will see!

The existing promo does nothing for my bank balance but it sure has given a boost to the book’s Amazon rankings. Within four hours of the start of the promo it had shot up from #33 in one category to #1 in the same category. This is pleasing as it is the second time it has reached a #1 Bestseller spot and last time it gained the coveted orange chevron sticker.

what the media say

This is the second edition of my book so it’s nice to have both editions reach a #1 spot.

Here is the link for you to preview my memoir and download it while free – don’t forget to leave a review… please!

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