I have a number of free Audible Promo Codes for you audiobookphiles (if there is such a word).

My audio book catalogue has just been increased with Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories and Dilemma, Book Two in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thriller series.

Yes, they are freebies, but a review on Audible, and preferably Amazon and Goodreads too, is expected in return for the Promo Code. That’s the purpose of the free Audible Promo Codes system.

To grab a code or codes, please comment below this post or email me at sb AT stephenbentley.info. I need to know:

  • Your name/email address
  • Title(s) you wish to listen to
  • US or UK code

Once I hear from you, I will email the code(s) with a link to redeem it/them. Please note these codes are title-specific and cannot be redeemed for any other title(s). 

I can also supply codes for two of my titles from my back catalogue.

 Retail Sample

Retail Sample 

Retail Sample


Retail Sample

Please note the following book is not synced to the current Kindle version. 

If you want a great listening experience over the Christmas and holiday season, grab these free Audible Promo Codes now.

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