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Wish you could forget book formatting? If, like me, you dread the formatting of your books whether for eBook or paperback, I have some great news for you. Reedsy has the most gorgeous online app for formatting, and guess what? – It is FREE!

Some indie authors pay small fortunes to have books formatted. I used to do my own, but it is so time consuming, and the results with Reedsy are way better than I ever achieved.

It is also an online editor. I love the way it gives you so many options such as the front and back matter. You can even drag and drop the running order of chapters, if that is necessary.

In short, it’s so beautiful I could kiss it 🙂

After editing your work, you can then export it ready for typesetting, as Reedsy calls it. There are options there too. You may export for ePub or PDF Print Ready. The former is fine for KDP, Draft2Digital, and Smashwords. The PDF version is good for KDP paperbacks, CreateSpace, and Ingram Spark.

The images below are what it looks like for both the un-exported manuscript of my latest book, and the export screen choices.

Note the instructions “Introducing the formatting bar…” All you need do is highlight text and apply the formatting you desire. Also note there is no centering text button. However, you can add scene breaks denoted by ‘***’ by using that feature at the top of the web page.

The image above shows what happens after you hit the ‘Export’ button with some options. The images below show the remainder of the same page.

Now, you are ready to go, so, just click ‘Export Book.’ In about five minutes you will receive a download link by email. Job done! Easy Peasy!

You may repeat the process as many times as you wish. That is necessary if you find typos, for example, in your typeset version. When finished, simply upload your ePub to KDP or your distribution platform of choice. The PDF version may be uploaded to your POD platform of choice.

As an aside, this process brought home to me just how “clunky” Kindle books look compared with the ePub version.

The first image below is the formatted eBook displayed in the web Kindle app in my browser.

Below is shown the ePub version displayed in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) again, in my browser.

For me, the ePub is superior. It looks better and professional in comparison to the Kindle version. Yet, you and I know the ‘Big A’ is not going to shift to ePub any time soon.

You may ask, why is this great app free? Reedsy try to sell you other services like editing, cover design, marketing etc. As long as they keep this app free, I don’t care what they sell!

Okay, now you have your formatting problem solved, so why not try this other great app for editing your work. My advice? Go Premium. It simply is superb.

Here is the link Pro Writing Aid Writing Software.

Did I tell you my latest book is now on pre-order? You can buy it here:

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