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Expat in Bacolod is the name of my blog.

The idea always was, and still is, to separate my blog from this my author website. This site is primarily intended to showcase my books.

My blogging activities are concentrated over at Expat in Bacolod. Yet, there are a number of overlaps. Those overlaps have led me to merge my subscriber lists.

Instead of having two lists as before, I now have merged them into one list. To be frank, it makes sense and saves a lot of time.

What does it mean for you?

Nothing. You have to do nothing. If you subscribed to this list here you will start to receive my blog’s weekly newsletter. It is a digest of the previous weeks’s articles. They are varied! So, I am sure you will find something of interest.

You will still be notified of publication updates as I am aware that is why most of you subscribed here. You will still be eligible for the competition to win a FREE signed copy of my forthcoming book “Undercover: Operation Julie- The Inside Story.”

You will also receive an email informing you of these changes as will the existing blog subscribers.

Update on my Undercover book?

It is in the final editing stage. That is to say self-editing. It still remains to be professionally edited and I have arranged for a professional to do just that.

There may be a delay in publication. A literary agent has shown interest in the book and she is trying to interest a publisher. I will wait to see how that pans out before I revert to my original plan of self-publishing.


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