My undercover cop memoir set in the 1970’s is exceeding all expectations. It was a story in my head for something close to forty years when I finally, and seriously, got around to writing it. I had tried and given up a few times when younger. But once I had retired to the Philippines, I guess it was a case of ‘now or never.’ I’m pleased it was ‘now.’

Only today it was once more displaying that coveted bright orange Amazon bestseller chevron sticker. It was #1 Bestseller in Kindle > Books > Biographies > Law Enforcement.

exceeding all expectations

It was also # 2 in both Books > Biography > True Crime > Police and #2 in Kindle Store > Books > Biography & True Accounts > True Crime > Organised Crime.

This is the second time my book has reached the #1 Bestseller slot with the second edition. The first edition also achieved the same status in more than one category.

Of course, I am delighted. My delight is tempered in the knowledge that some dismiss the Amazon #1 Bestseller badge with a comment like, “it’s only a category,or a sub-category.” Well, I don’t care. It’s still an achievement, and if the truth is known, in all likelihood the mutterers of such comments have probably never achieved anything similar. In any event and whatever their motives, they will not rain on my parade. Here is the Top 100 Paid on Amazon UK for Law Enforcement Biographies:

It’s a competitive market this world of books, and any mark of success is deserving of praise. Now, my dream is to achieve similar success with my fictional works, namely the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series of novellas.

It’s not just a Bestseller sticker that thrills me with my memoir. It is also all the other exciting developments. It has been turned into an audio book. And, the most exciting of all, it has been optioned by a film production company. We now have a draft screenplay and are actively seeking funding both in London and LA. It’s looking promising and my dream is to attend the premiere of the movie in London.

There is also, as I write, a concrete chance that it will feature in a BBC documentary. I have been fortunate that my book has already been subject of media interest and attention in the UK. You can check out my ‘Media‘ page for links to the press and TV coverage.

Operation Julie is part of the social history of the UK in the 1970’s. To a degree, it is part of a kind of social folk lore. It has also been described as the “start of the war on drugs.”

One of the most pleasing aspects of my book is the feedback I have received about my writing. It has encouraged me and given me the confidence to write more books.

I thank all for giving me feedback, both good and bad, and above all else, I sincerely thank all who have bought it especially those who took the trouble to review it.

One thing is certain about my book – it never ceases to amaze me! Expectations have been exceeded.

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