Eccles Cakes: An Odd Tale of SurvivalEccles Cakes: An Odd Tale of Survival by Jonathan Fryer
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A remarkable life story…
This was an excellent book, wonderfully written by a talented writer. I found it a kind of ‘coming of age’ story. One wherein the author finds out who he really is at a tender age of nineteen. His personality has formed and by that age he is coming to terms with not only who he is, what he is good at, what he wants to do, but also his sexuality. At least, that is the impression given to me from his writing.
Mr. Fryer and I share a similar background in many ways. He was brought up in a large Northern city of England. His was Manchester and mine Liverpool. We were also educated in the old grammar school system.
The author describes a harrowing childhood with a “pig” of a father, really his stepfather as he was adopted. That man sexually assaulted him throughout his childhood years no doubt leaving a terrible mental scar on the boy and young man.
Yet, though a serious topic and a brutal episode in his young life, Fryer takes the reader on the journey with a deft touch and a readable writing style.His early years culminate in him gaining accreditation as a Vietnam war correspondent. I was in awe at that achievement.
His travels throughout Europe then Asia, clearly left a mark on the author.and once more, like me, he discovered a love of travel and Asia in particular. We share one other thing in common – a love of Eccles Cakes!
There is a cliffhanger at the end of his book and I will not reveal that, save to say I look forward to reading about the remainder of this remarkable man’s life story.

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