Val Rankin Prinsloo is a South African author and is the latest writer to feature in the Author Spotlight series. She has written part one of a very personal memoir.

I have read it and it is such a moving story from a writer who can certainly write! I will shortly be publishing my review of Val’s memoir here.


val rankin prinsloo

Val Rankin Prinsloo works in the Insurance sector in Johannesburg. Writing offers a cherished great escape.

She was raised in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Eshowe was rural, a far-cry from city life.  “Valley of Victory” covers a wide variety of topics shared from the author’s life experiences.

The author says, “contrary to the cliché saying there are always two-sides to every story, in this case there are three-sides. Theirs, mine & the truth.”

In this soulful account of a life that could have ended in destruction, the reality is reflected through the eyes of a third party – Khanyisile, a young Zulu girl.

“Valley of Virtues,” the second in the series, will pick up on Khanyisile’s tale, reminding the reader we have our own bridges to cross. We have a responsibility to be selfless & compassionate as we often are oblivious to opportunities for us to lend a shoulder to support someone else in need.

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What book genre do you write?

Personal Memoir

Why do you write?

It offers me an opportunity to see my life in black and white. When it is down on paper the ghosts of my past are not able to haunt my thoughts. I get a sense of direction and am able to learn from past experiences. I write as well for the reader. Hopefully the reader can gain insight into their own life challenges and need not make the same errors I did.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on “Valley of Virtues,” the second of a set of 3 books.

From where did you draw your inspiration to write your latest book?

I have always had the desire to write about my life experiences. Some may have appeared trivial to some. But for me the experiences were challenging to my soul. Deep down inside of me I knew that there had to be a valuable reason for all the pain I experienced. I had to have had a purpose for visiting this world. It couldn’t have just been for nothing.

Which writers had the most influence on your decision to write?

Jannette Walls & Augusten Burrows both wrote personal accounts of their lives. More recently has been Dave Pelzer. These are authors that have been through disturbing pasts and yet inspire me to draw strength from my own past and soldier on.

What was the last book you read?

Allen Carr’s Easyway range of books.

Do you suffer from writers’ block?

Yes I do. Since I write from life experiences I have to be patient with where to start the story and where to end it. The story is in progress every single day. I wish I was able to churn out many long books but it is what it is and I am happy with the challenges of writers block. I remember seeing a quote somewhere that went like this. The teacher will appear when the student is ready. I just keep on writing as and when the inspiration comes to me.

Biggest frustration as a self-published author?

Marketing – Marketing

Do you use social media? If so, do you like using it?

I don’t use it enough admittedly. I have recently sought the assistance of experts in that field and am looking forward to better exposure in 2018.

Who is your biggest fan?

Undoubtedly my daughter Cidal.

Many people have a bucket list. What is #1 on yours?

It is difficult to choose just one thing.

Can I chose two?

Meeting my editor Vijay Kumar – The Mystic Writer in person.

My reader base will increase and that many more people will see their own rainbows of hope in cloudy days. That every single person on this earth form a connection with their own divine guide and find a spiritual connection to help on the rest of this journey.

Any special message for your readers?

I thank every single reader that finds value in my writing. I thank you for the encouragement. I ask that you will make the smallest difference in your own surroundings with your family with your friends. We are all in this together. Each One – Teach One. That way the ride need not be so daunting.

Thank you Val for such an interesting interview and I certainly look forward to reading the second book in your series.

I’m sure Val would like me to mention she has a giveaway in progress in the form of a competition. There is a signed copy of her book to be won. Please click through to her Facebook page for details.

Like a preview of “Valley of Victory”?

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