The prime aims of the Reedsy Discovery website are (a) to enable indie authors to be discovered by new readers and (b) conversely, to enable readers to discover new books and new authors.

It’s also a platform designed to enable serious book bloggers and reviewers to source new books to review and stay ahead of the crowd.

From an indie authors perspective, it also gave me the opportunity to reach a wider audience. That opportunity is enhanced when a book goes ‘live’ on the site, giving readers the chance to ‘upvote’ any book. That voting takes place over one week. The books with the highest number of ‘upvotes’ are featured in a Reedsy Discovery email bulletin thus increasing exposure to those books.

Before voting, the reader can see the book cover, book description, the author’s profile, and read a sample chapter from the book.

Now I make a request and it literally takes two mouse clicks: please upvote my book The Steve Regan Undercover Cop Complete Collection.

The link to my book is here on Reedsy Discovery. I would truly appreciate it if you vote for my book.

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Book Synopsis

An original-concept THRILLER SERIES taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride from the pen of a former undercover cop and inspired by his Amazon chart-topping true crime memoir.

Join undercover cop Steve Regan in three stories as he infiltrates organized crime gangs where one mistake could cost him his life.

A Miami-based cocaine cartel linked to the Mob, but is everyone who they say they are?

Acting as bait with $50,000 drug-buy money in Thailand.

Posing as a hitman in Australia leading to a white-supremacist plot to overthrow the government of the United Kingdom.

You can order it here at all these online bookstores in digital format or here in paperback.

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