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brenda mohammed
Brenda Mohammed is a Trinidad and Tobago-based multi -genre writer and former Bank Manager who has written thirteen books to date. She loves to travel and is a fan of photography and art.

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The Interview

Why do you write?

I started writing for pleasure after I left the corporate world. I am a former bank manager. I am inspired to write mainly on topics with which I am familiar. I love to write autobiographies of people I know and to tell true stories. I believe that people can learn from the experiences of others. For example, I have written a book about my bout with cancer in the hope that my experience can help someone or even many people. I have written thirteen books in various genres. So far, those books have received good reviews. I even wrote a few poems and they are included in some of my books.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a new story ‘Zeeka’s Ghost.’ It will be released in October 2016. I cannot discuss it because I want it to be a surprise, but I can share the cover, which was done by the talented Sharon Brownlie.


From where did you draw your inspiration to write your latest book?

My latest book was Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy, which I compiled in May 2016. It comprises of three stories, which have also been published as kindle short reads. The idea to write this series stemmed from current events – the prevalence of the zika virus in South America and the surrounding islands. It was my first try at writing a sci-fi horror series for young adults, and the reviews have been good. The book was a nominee for the Metamorph’s Publishing Summer Indie Awards 2016. It also received a five- star review and five- star seal from Readers Favorite on September 14th, 2016. Zeeka has been playing with my brain and I decided to write Zeeka’s Ghost.

Which writers had the most influence on your decision to write?

My first attempt at writing was when I wrote a biography of my father while I was still employed at the Bank. The name of the book is Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: A Great Educator in Trinidad and Tobago. I did that book out of love for my deceased father who was an Educator.

He wrote all his notes in diaries and scraps of paper and I compiled his memoirs from those. The book was very popular among my father’s friends and relatives. A past President of Trinidad and Tobago and a current President requested copies of the book for their personal libraries.

After I left the bank I wrote my own autobiography, My Life as a Banker: A Life worth Living. [That book was voted second in the category bio/memoirs in Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016.] I wrote seven other books after that, but I stopped writing completely in 2015 as I had writer’s block. In January 2016, I met John Hennessy, a British author of Paranormal Fantasy, online at a Facebook event. We started chatting online and he encouraged me to write again. That is when I decided to write the Zeeka series.

What was the last book you read?

I just finished reading ‘The Clouds Aren’t White ‘by Rachel Wright. She is a writer who writes with deep feelings and expressions

Do you suffer from writer’s block?

Yes. I did in the year 2015 as I described above.

Biggest frustration as a self-published author?

As a self-published author, my biggest frustration is getting my books noticed among the mounting sea of other self- published authors. However, I have joined a Facebook group called Indies United. I am a proud member of the group.

INDIES UNITED is a membership community of independently published authors from all parts of the world, writing in different genres. We support, encourage and promote each other, with the belief that our united voices will have a broader reach, helping to spread our visibility and readership. Our membership includes many award-winning and bestselling independent authors, authors who regularly feature in the upper echelons of Amazon’s bestseller charts.

Reviews for books are vital. Any tips on getting more reviews?

I have learnt from many best-selling authors that the only way to get more reviews is to have a large email list. I am still in the process of building my email list. I have three free books, which I use as Reader Magnets.

Do you use social media? If so, do you like using it?

I use Facebook and Twitter. Yes, I enjoy using them. I have a personal Facebook page, an Author page, and one for updates on Zeeka stories.

Who is your biggest fan?

I have fans from all over the world, but my biggest fans are my two children.

Many people have a bucket list. What is #1 on yours?

My family will always be No 1 on my bucket list.

Any special message for your readers?

Yes, I would like to tell my readers that I love them and love all of their reviews. Their reviews give me encouragement to write. I joined a Facebook Group called Best Book Reviews and I have been posting their reviews and expressing my thanks to my readers openly.

That was a real pleasure interviewing you, Brenda. It was really interesting and informative. I wish you well.

You can find Brenda’s book My Life as a Banker: A Life worth Living here on Amazon. 

Fascinating, Intriguing, Inspiring, Positive, Heartwarming, and Motivational Memoir.
My Life as a Banker – A Life worth Living” is a banker’s memoir, in which the author describes changes in the banking system, and changes in the bank’s attitude to its employees throughout her working years in a Trinidad bank, with ties in the United Kingdom.
It is the story of a pioneering female in a man’s world.
The book also reveals personal details about the author’s life.
It is a Memoir worth reading.

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars  Inspiring and eminently interesting story

By Kato’s Revenge on June 26, 2016

Format: Paperback

For those of us who are not in the banking industry, and for me, especially living in a country where the capital is the financial hub of the country (perhaps the world) you might think a story called My Life As A Banker would be too dry to enjoy.

Author Brenda Mohammed has written quite a few books across different genres. This book is a relatively quick read but readers can be taken along her life’s journey as they turn the pages.

I found myself more interested in the ‘Life Worth Living’ elements of the book. I congratulate her hard work which allowed her to work in the banking industry and get promoted. But I was more interested in the personal side of things, for example how she met her husband (that’s an excellent segment of the book) and also attaining her strict father’s support for the marriage.

The author’s approach to writing this memoir is direct and therefore one imagines this is how she would speak in real life. But the tale is told with such verve and energy, it is an enjoyable book that people will find much to like.

The real life stories contained within are things we can all relate to. Things such as ending up in a great city like Toronto, but being sick at the time and told ‘you shouldn’t go out then’. But this is not the author’s approach to life. If you have read her Travel Memoir With Pictures, you will understand what an accomplished traveller this lady is.

There’s some surprisingly gory scenes in the book, tempered by some poignant sadness around certain family members, as well as the central theme of how the author made her living in the banking sector.

It’s an interesting and very readable memoir from one of the more creative authors out there.

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