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It appears I stimulated some interest in BookBub, one as a marketing tool for authors and two, as a possible alternative site to Amazon and Goodreads to hang out for authors, readers, book bloggers and reviewers.

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The more I check it out, the more I like BookBub. It is packed full of features most do not realize exist.

Most think of BookBub as the place to go for an expensive book promotion. That may be true but it is much, much more than that.

Authors and publishers are known as ‘Partners’ at BookBub. There is a useful Partners blog and you may sign up for a Partners newsletter distinct from the weekly digest email sent out.

This is an example of one of the author/partner blog posts entitled 21 Ways Authors recommend Books to their readers. I think it makes for interesting reading.

Authors, have you recommended a book on BookBub.com? It’s a fun and easy way to connect with readers and help them discover more wonderful books to read… but it’s also a useful (and free!) promotional tool.

Making a recommendation on BookBub lets you engage with BookBub’s community of enthusiastic power readers and stay top-of-mind with your followers, who will see your recommendation in their feeds on BookBub.com or in their weekly digest email. Plus, it opens up fantastic opportunities to promote fellow authors and help them get discovered.

Many authors are recommending books on BookBub and using unique strategies to connect with readers! Here are 21 ways authors have used BookBub Recommendations so far. We hope this gives you some inspiration when deciding which book to recommend next.

*Tip* Click on each image below to see the recommendation on BookBub.com (including the number of likes and conversation threads)! Or make your own book recommendation here.

1. They’ve recommended their favorite authors’ books

Recommendations let you easily promote one of your favorite authors to help them get exposure for their books. Lisa Gardner recommended Kristin Hannah’s newest title, helping Kristin gain exposure to Lisa’s own audience of eager readers.

It goes on to list 21 suggestions. All are helpful and some I have never considered before.

I almost forgot… when you sign up for the Partners newsletter, you get a free PDF The Ultimate Collection of Book Marketing
Examples. They call it a flipbook.

I can’t comment on it as I haven’t yet read it.

This is the sign up blurb – Subscribe to the BookBub Partners Blog to get your free flipbook right away. You’ll also get BookBub’s latest book marketing tips and insights delivered to your inbox each week.

I’m starting to explore BookBub more now and so far pretty excited.

There’s plenty for readers too. Take a look at the current deals in the featured image of this post. They are tailored to my preferences which I chose.

I’m off to add extra buy links to my books giving readers a greater choice as to where they can buy my books.

You may buy any of my books through this Books2Read link or, if you prefer, through BookBub here.


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