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Unashamedly I use the phrase ‘it’s to die for’ in announcing the launch of the audio book version of Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories. They are the words used by Ralph Scott and Kendra Murray, the narrators, when they emailed me with the good news of its availability on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Yes, I know we are biased as authors and narrators, but it really is an audio book to die for.

It’s a bit of a cliche when authors say, “it brought my book to life,” when talking about the audio book version of one of their books. In the case of our book it happens to be true and there is some irony therein when death is the subject matter of all the brilliant stories.

For those who don’t know, here are the ways you can download and listen to the excellent narration skills and stories.


You can buy it to keep at these stores:

I should mention if you purchased the Kindle version, you will soon be able to add the audio book at a reduced price from the regular full retail price. That facility has not yet been implemented on the Amazon site. Or check your Kindle device for the audio updates, it may be there. [Correct at the time of writing this post]




Audible Subscribers

Just ‘do your thing’ in your Audible account.

Non-Audible Customers

it's to die for
If you use one of the links below (country specific), you can listen to our book for free on a 30-day trial and cancel anytime.

The links you need by country are:

US link

UK link

FR France link

DE Germany link

You want to listen to the sample, right? Here it is:

You want to see the faces behind the mic again? Course you do!


A list of all my audio books can be found on this site here.