COVID-19 as we all know is a pandemic affecting many parts of the world. Here in the Philippines, we are on lockdown just like so many other countries, regions, cities and towns.

Though the internet has some drawbacks, it is a blessing in these difficult times. The same applies to digital books as opposed to print. There’s zero possibility of contracting the virus when downloading a digital book or reading it per se. Besides, the logistics involved in delivering a print book to your home are probably impossible, even undesirable, given the current situation.

I also see many book shops/stores have now closed as well as Amazon delivery times extended for print book orders.

An email from a reader of mine prompted this post. This is what she had to say [I have redacted it so as not to identify her]:

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for the gift of free books. I love mysteries and undercover cop stories are great. I live on an island in XXX state and the only way off is on a bridge to XXX, where the latest outbreak of COVID-19 has broken out. I am in great health even though I am in my 70s so I have been grocery shopping for what I need from what is left on the shelves. Now my husband and I are housebound for at least two weeks except for my hubby to see the doctor. Reading will help pass the time.

I am also a very active XXXt in my county and on XXX, where I live. Our normal activities in person will now be online. These are interesting and challenging times we live in.

I hope you are well and stay safe. Again, thank you.


The free books she mentioned were available on Amazon in my recent 4-day Mega Sale.I must say the primary object of the sale was to gain new readers. It seems that was achieved judging by over 7000 downloads over the four days. I also rather suspect this review below (verified purchase – I believe free days using Kindle Select qualify as such) came as a result of the sale.

It’s the same review but I had to split it into two videos.

One of the most exciting books that I have read....... review gif

Too Good! I am impatiently waiting for the...... review gif

Jocelyn, I am writing as fast as I can 🙂

That review probably boosted my immune system, not to mention my feelings of self-worth. That particular book attracted some early criticism from a small handful of readers. I can cope with criticism but not when it gets personal, and some of it did. After all us writers are creatives – an insecure bunch. I’m no different despite the aura I present to the world.

It’s just so good to know something I have written has given pleasure to readers out there somewhere. There’s little to cheer us up during this COVID -19 crisis, so I like to think I, together with other writers, have contributed something to allaying people’s fears even if it’s only a temporary distraction.

Stay safe! Follow all the medical and government advice, and read books! It may also help if you pray like my family and I do.

In the spirit of making my books as accessible as possible in these times, only today and for a limited time, I have reduced the price of the Kindle of my bestseller, Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story to £2.49 (UK – was £4.99), and $2.99 (US – was $5.99). Other Kindle stores worldwide are based on that low UK price.  The new prices should show soon on Amazon. By the way, it hit the #1 Bestseller slot yet again yesterday on Amazon UK.

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