I know you are probably tired of hearing about #Cockygate. I have no intention of going through it all over again, chapter by chapter, blow by blow. It is well documented elsewhere not least in this brilliantly scathing article by Jenny Trout.

The Hero

It’s also worth checking out the Twitter thread on Kevin Kneupper’s timeline.

Now, he is the real hero of this whole sad affair.

Not only is he making a challenge to the granting of the trademark to Faleena Hopkins, and boy, does he know his stuff! But he has also made one hell of a sensible suggestion. One., I’m sorry to say will be ignored. This is his eminently sensible suggestion:

  1. If wanted some good PR they could file their own suit and challenge this themselves – perhaps seeking an injunction of the enforcement of the trademark against them while they challenge it! #CockyBezos#CockyGate cc:

Will it happen? I doubt it very much.

If you are curious, this is a link to Kevin’s petition to have this cocky trademark invalidated. Never has a legal document been so sexy!

Click here to read in full

The Villain

Faleena Hopkins! It appears she is now on the defensive (read the Jenny Trout article – link is above).

I really do think this “lady” has lost the plot. Not content with threatening authors, she appears to be trying it on with book reviewers –

#CockygateMany words have been used to describe Ms. Hopkins but I save the best for last as no one has yet bettered Jenny Trout’s words:

Before I end this blog post, Faleena, I have some words for you that are original, not copied from anyone, and straight from the heart:

You are a nasty piece of fucking work, lady.

Finally, I dare her to tackle the use of the word ‘Cocky’ in this title:

That is one guy she really does not want to mess with!

[Edit] More heroes have emerged since I wrote this post. One is  a lawyer called Lauren Emerson, an attorney from the top-notch New York intellectual property firm @LeasonEllis. Lauren and her colleague, Cameron Reuber, have offered to work on the legal challenge to the “cocky” trademark pro bono to help make sure it succeeds!

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